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Pages with topic "Professional Issues"

1 Jul 2020 : Investment in inclusion support professional development critical, UNESCO report concludes

A new report published by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has found Australian teachers need increased investment in professional development and training to effectively deal with students who have a disabilit…

28 May 2020 : Trauma teaching needs an overhaul

The further development and implementation of multi-tiered trauma-informed support, training practices and protocols for school staff and school mental health workers is critically needed in Australian schools, according to new study by Monash University …

28 Apr 2020 : NCCD data should not be required for Term 2

Our union is concerned that the current disruption to Term 2 schooling will have a significant impact on the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on school students with disability processes and procedures, including both delivery of modified l…

17 Mar 2020 : Emotional intelligence predicts academic success

A 2020 study has found that emotional intelligence has a small to moderate association with academic performance, such that students with higher emotional intelligence tend to gain higher grades and achievements in test scores.

17 Mar 2020 : Teaching resilience to students can prevent future struggles

If a student experiences academic adversity, they can cope with this adversity is they already have a high level of academic buoyancy, as new study has found.

17 Mar 2020 : Research calls for greater professional autonomy

A new paper is calling for greater professional autonomy for teachers as opposed to enforcing current education policy positions which can limit learning outcomes.

17 Mar 2020 : Handwriting vital to literacy in age of paperless schools

A recent study has investigated the links between handwriting and other literacy skills in young children, finding that handwriting automaticity, or fluency, predicted writing quality and reading skills a year later.

18 Feb 2020 : Join our Yarning Circle in 2020

Our union’s Yarning Circle provides an important networking opportunity for First Nation members and in 2020 we are encouraging more members to get involved.

5 Dec 2019 : Prac payments to match NSW rates following member campaign

Our union, in collaboration with the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU), has been in negotiations with Queensland universities to increase the rate of pay for teachers who supervise pre-service teachers.

6 Nov 2019 : IEUA-QNT mentoring program seeks mentees

After a successful inaugural year, the IEUA-QNT mentor program is continuing into its second year, with expressions of interest for 2020 mentees open until Friday 22 November 2019.

6 Nov 2019 : Our union’s voice heard on NAPLAN

Our union has participated in the Stage One consultation of the NAPLAN Review being conducted by the Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales governments, independently of the federal government.

6 Nov 2019 : Prac payments under negotiation

The Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA) - the body representing Queensland universities - have tabled payment rates for practicum supervision which are now subject to joint consideration with our union and the QTU.

6 Nov 2019 : Member survey confirms inexplicable shortage of funds for kindergartens

Reports that Central Governing Bodies (CGBs) of community kindergartens in Queensland are mismanaging Kindergarten Inclusion Support Scheme (KISS) funding has raised concerns for members working in this sector.

6 Nov 2019 : Early childhood education teacher survey seeks input on national policy

Our union is encouraging members who work in the early childhood education sector to participate in a survey being conducted by the University of Sydney looking into the professional registration of early childhood education teachers.

2 Sep 2019 : Teacher-targeted bullying – university study needs member input

In April 2019, researchers from La Trobe University published Teacher Targeted Bullying and Harassment by Students and Parents which analysed teachers’ experiences of feeling bullied and victimised while working in Australian public and independent school…

2 Sep 2019 : Study reinforces significance of smaller kindy class sizes

A recent study titled “Relating preschool class size to classroom quality and student achievement” has found that smaller classes resulted in more one-to-one interactions between teachers and students and improved student literacy skills.

2 Sep 2019 : Funding changes leave kindys worse-off

A recent change in the funding model of what was previously known as Disability Inclusion Support for Queensland Kindergartens (DISQK), now known as the Kindergarten Inclusion Support Scheme (KISS) has reportedly led to lesser funds being available to ass…

2 Sep 2019 : Professional collaboration critical to new QCAA process

The new QCE system sets a new approach to senior assessment, combining school-based and external assessment.

2 Sep 2019 : Members still in the dark about NCCD audits

Our union is demanding answers from the Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the multinational financial management firm auditing the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD).

27 Aug 2019 : ‘Master Teacher’ proposal seriously flawed

A proposal from the Grattan Institute to create special roles for 'high achieving' teachers is significantly flawed.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.