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Pages with topic "Labour Day"

18 Feb 2020 : Save the date and get ready to celebrate

Labour Day (Queensland) and May Day (Northern Territory) celebrations will take place over the 2-4 May long weekend in 2020, providing a chance for all IEUA-QNT members to come together, connect and celebrate all we have achieved as a union.

7 May 2019 : Labour Day sees huge turnout of union members calling for rules to change

More than 60,000 union members rallied across Queensland over the Labour Day long weekend, with our union leading the way alongside the Finance Sector Union (FSU) as we each marked our centenaries.

3 May 2019 : Time to celebrate our 100 year anniversary!

Labour Day and May Day celebrations will be held this coming long weekend (4-6 May), providing a special opportunity to mark 100 years of our union.

8 May 2018 : Members call for broken rules to change at Labour Day and May Day rallies

Chants of “Change The Rules” echoed throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory over the Labour Day and May Day weekend.

4 May 2018 : Labour Day & May Day is our chance to Change The Rules

Union members and their families will join together to celebrate Labour Day and May Day this long weekend – and this year we will unite with a clear message: it’s time to Change The Rules.

5 Apr 2018 : Labour Day & May Day: members to call for broken laws to be changed

Members will celebrate the achievements of the union movement, and call for much needed change to Australia’s unfair industrial laws on Labour Day and May Day this year, as IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Rebecca Sisson writes.

2 May 2017 : Record turnout at Labour Day / May Day celebrations

Unionists turned out in force over the Labour Day / May Day long weekend, with a record 30,000 marching in Brisbane alone.

6 Apr 2017 : Why do we celebrate Labour Day?

Labour Day holds a special significance for union members, with a rich history dating back more than 130 years, but what are we celebrating and why is Labour Day still relevant today?

3 May 2016 : Labour Day celebrations bigger than ever: 125 years & #backinMay

Tens of thousands of unionists turned out for Labour Day / May Day celebrations as Queenslanders celebrated 125 years since the origins of Labour Day in Barcaldine and the return of the public holiday to its rightful place in May.

5 May 2015 : Strong turnout on Labour Day and May Day in 2015

Labour Day holds a special significance for unionists, their families and the broader community. It is an opportunity to celebrate the many past achievements of the union movement.

17 Mar 2015 : Return of Labour Day to May is a victory for Queensland workers

The Queensland Government’s decision to return the Labour Day public holiday to its rightful place in May is a victory for all Queensland workers, tarnished only by its delayed return in 2016.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.