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Pages with topic "Legal issues"

13 Aug 2020 : Community disgrace as refugees and asylum seekers indefinitely detained in Brisbane’s backyard prison

The indefinite detention of approximately 120 men in an ad-hoc facility in inner-city Brisbane has been condemned by our union.

13 Aug 2020 : Employer discriminates against member vulnerable to COVID-19

Employee was told to undertake an unnecessary medical assessment before returning to work.

17 Jul 2020 : Jail time for Queensland wage thieves

New Queensland legislation will criminalise wage theft in bid to tackle the insidious threat to employees in the community.

25 Jun 2020 : Urgent action needed to eliminate violence and harassment at work

Australian federal government failing to take the real steps to end violence and harassment at work.

12 Feb 2020 : Members at risk as Commission finds excursion injury non-work related

A controversial court decision means teachers must make personal ‘risk assessments’ in their own interests when deciding whether to join in with student activities writes Holding Redlich special counsel Edmund Burke.

6 Feb 2020 : Union support sees nearly $25k in backpay for school officer

An IEUA-QNT member who contacted our union for support regarding their classification has recently received nearly $25,000 in backpay after receiving union advice.

21 Jan 2020 : Union support sees employer warning withdrawn

Our union has successfully supported a member who received a written warning from their employer stating they had breached the staff code of conduct for having a conversation with a colleague in their native language.

26 Sep 2019 : Prevention of child sexual abuse must underpin legislative reform

Our union has provided feedback regarding the Consultation Draft of the Criminal Code (Child Sexual Offences Reform) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019.

5 Aug 2019 : Workers’ compensation fails to cover teacher participating in activity with students

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) handed down a decision on 7 March 2019, which will impact the availability of workers’ compensation for teachers who sustain injuries while participating in activities with students, as Rachel Drew and…

26 Jul 2019 : Members left vulnerable after Commission decision

A recent Queensland Industrial Relations Commission decision has placed a serious question mark over whether members should be participating in excursions, camps, trips and outdoor education.

21 Jul 2017 : Union action sees need to comply with fixed-term contract provisions reinforced

The Federal Circuit Court has reinforced the need for employers to comply with fixed-term contract provisions after our union challenged the questionable employment practices in this area of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) in Queensland.

5 May 2016 : Member receives maximum compensation after unfair dismissal

With the support of our union, a member has received the maximum compensation available for an unfair dismissal remedy following an Unfair Dismissal Application lodged with the Fair Work Commission.

7 Aug 2015 : $120K in compensation secured for QIAE members

Assistance from our union has seen ten members formerly employed by the Queensland Institute for Aviation Engineering (QIAE) receive a total of over $120,000 in unpaid wages and leave entitlements.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.