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Pages with topic "Catholic"

18 Nov 2019 : Members take action over workload crisis: 196 Queensland Catholic schools authorised to strike today

Over 7000 Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff from 196 Catholic schools across Queensland are authorised to take strike action today (Tuesday 19 November) as part of protected industrial action.

31 May 2019 : How valued is your leadership role?

Longstanding deficiencies with middle and senior leader arrangements will be a priority to resolve in the current Queensland Catholic school negotiations, as Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes reports.

7 Jun 2018 : QLD specific HAT and Lead Teacher certification process intensive

Teachers applying for Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) and Lead Teacher will face intensive process for certification.

24 May 2018 : Catholic employers still in denial on middle leaders

Queensland Catholic school employers have insisted there is no problem with rates paid to middle leaders, despite members overwhelmingly endorsing the need to recognise and reward their work.

24 May 2018 : Staff overwhelmingly endorse enhanced QLD Catholic classifications and salaries

Staff in Queensland Catholic schools have overwhelmingly endorsed enhanced teacher classifications and salaries in a ballot which closed on Tuesday.

18 Oct 2017 : Campaign for Middle Leader recognition hits the radio

Radio advertisements air across Queensland calling for a just and proper resolution to the middle (and senior) leader wage rates under consideration by the Teacher Classification Review Joint Working Party.

29 Jul 2016 : Queensland unions supporting Toowoomba schools to promote cultural diversity

A new initiative, supported by our union and affiliates of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU), is bringing together school students across the Toowoomba region in an effort to promote racial tolerance and harmony in their community.

31 May 2016 : Queensland Catholic schools seeking graduate teachers in 2017

Applications are open for graduating teachers to fill positions in 2017 across a range of Queensland Catholic schools.

20 Jan 2016 : Catholic school members seek escalation of campaign with new protected action ballot

Catholic sector members are seeking to escalate their campaign with a new protected action ballot to consider additional protected actions as authorised members stop work for the seventh time later this week.

14 Jul 2015 : Catholic employers fail to listen - member feedback to direct next phase of campaign

QLD Catholic employers have failed to listen to employee concerns put to their representatives at the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) meetings. Chapters now asked to endorse a campaign which both focuses on each employer and makes the broader community aware…

19 Jun 2015 : Catholic publication commended

Members have welcomed a new publication from the Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations (ACCER), Good Works: The Catholic Church as an Employer in Australia, noting its positive contribution to the treatment of Australian workers.

9 Mar 2015 : Catholic ColB8: SBU reps named; members consider issues

Catholic employers had finally agreed to begin collective negotiations with the first meeting set for 31 March, with members considering important issues during the unnecessarily long lead-in period. Employee representatives to the Single Bargaining Units…

5 Mar 2015 : Catholic Experienced Teacher 6 Application Training

Our union is offering Catholic Experienced Teacher 6 Training to help members prepare a quality application. Upcoming ET6 application deadlines are: week 2, term 2 and week 2, term 4.

2 Mar 2015 : QLD Catholic employers commit to bargain

Queensland Catholic employers have finally agreed to come to the bargaining table. The first meeting of the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) is scheduled for Tuesday, 31 March 2015.

23 Feb 2015 : Queensland Catholic employees kept waiting

Employees are to be left waiting for bargaining to commence until Queensland Catholic employers determine otherwise. Members to reflect on their expanding roles while they wait.

10 Feb 2015 : Employees ready to negotiate: employer delay puts wage increases at risk

Queensland Catholic employers have refused to set a time to begin negotiations and have not even given a commitment to negotiate a replacement agreement. Such action reflects a lack of respect for employees and jeopardises future wage increases.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.