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Pages with topic "School Officers"

14 Nov 2019 : Back pay win for school officer

A Queensland Catholic school officer has won back pay with the support of our union after being directed to do duties during unpaid meal breaks.

22 May 2019 : School Officer Day 2019: Careers You Can Count On

On Wednesday 12 June, members across Queensland and the Northern Territory will mark School Officer Day by recognising and celebrating how our school officers and services staff support quality education.

29 Mar 2019 : Annual leave loading included in Superannuation Guarantee payments

Members are advised that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has updated its Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) checklist on its website for annual leave loading, to align with its 2009 public ruling which noted that annual leave loading is always OTE “unless …

16 Nov 2018 : Member faces 11th year on fixed-term contract

In a prime example of the insecure work crisis impacting our schools, one member is facing an 11th year on a fixed-term contract in 2019.

14 Sep 2018 : Fighting for Careers You Can Count On

School officers in Queensland Catholic schools play a critical role in the delivery of quality education to our students, yet sadly we know the reality for many is one of insecure employment.

2 Aug 2018 : Member action protects school support staff annualisation

Member action has seen pay annnualisation for school officers and services staff protected at Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School (IGGS).

15 Jun 2018 : School officers and services staff recognised

On School Officer Day, Wednesday 13 June, members said a well-deserved thank you to school officers and services staff for the contribution they make to quality education in our schools.

31 May 2018 : School officers reflect on 25 years

This year, 12 school officers are celebrating the milestone of 25 years membership.

20 Feb 2018 : Are you receiving your First Aid Allowance?

If you are a School Officer with first aid duties, you may be entitled to receive a First Aid Allowance from your employer. As a union we can bargain collectively for provisions that assist members to do their jobs, and our members have been successful in…

10 Aug 2017 : The union difference for school officers means thousands more

School officers employed in workplaces with a union-negotiated collective agreement earn thousands more than their peers in workplaces covered by Modern Awards, highlighting the difference union makes for workers.

2 Jun 2017 : 10 weeks redundancy payment secured for school officer member after school cuts hours

A continuing, part-time School Officer member has received a 10 week redundancy payout of over $5,500 through the assistance of our union after their hours were unilaterally reduced by their employer.

2 Jun 2017 : Celebrate School Officer Day & #CAREERSTHATMATTER

On Wednesday 14 June 2017, IEUA-QNT members across Queensland and the Northern Territory will celebrate School Officer Day. The day is an opportunity to recognise #CAREERSTHATMATTER and say thank you to our school officers, administrative staff and servic…

12 May 2017 : School officer’s salary increased by thousands following reclassification

A school officer member received an increase to their annual salary of almost $6,000 after applying for reclassification with assistance from our union.

13 Dec 2016 : School officers: Negotiating a medical return to work

Returning to work after a period of medical absence can be difficult, especially if the employer is not being reasonable about how a school officer’s return should occur.

27 Sep 2016 : Understanding duty of care

In an increasingly litigious society, it is essential all members are aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to duty of care - especially if employers direct school officers to undertake tasks that fall outside their position description…

9 Jun 2016 : School officers recognised for #CAREERSTHATMATTER

The significant contribution of school officers and services staff to our school communities has been recognised on School Officer Day, as part of the inaugural International Education Support Staff Day, held on Wednesday, 8 June 2016.

27 May 2016 : Union support secures continuing position after 15 years on contract

With the assistance of our union, a School Officer member in the Queensland Catholic sector has finally secured continuing status after almost 15 years on successive fixed-term contracts.

6 May 2015 : Queensland Catholic school term time employeees denied community norm

An entitlement for paid four (4) weeks annual leave is a community norm across Australia yet this is currently denied to term time staff in Queensland Catholic schools. This matter can and must be addressed in this round of bargaining.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.