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Pages with topic "Beginning Educators"

25 Aug 2020 : Building your collegial community

IEU member and Gold Coast teacher Jessica Prouten provides her top tips for building your professional community – a critical foundation as you begin your teaching career.

30 Jun 2020 : The power of mentoring

Access to quality mentoring makes a significant difference for teachers in building their professional identity, particularly in the early years. Research has found quality mentoring helps to prevent attrition among early career teachers.

13 Feb 2020 : New online support network for early career teachers

Our union has launched a new private Facebook group for early career teacher members.

24 Jan 2020 : Lesson planning and behaviour management: tips for new teachers

Finding your bearings in the classroom as a new teacher can be a challenge. Get a headstart by reading our tops tips on lesson planning and behaviour management.

6 Nov 2019 : IEUA-QNT mentoring program seeks mentees

After a successful inaugural year, the IEUA-QNT mentor program is continuing into its second year, with expressions of interest for 2020 mentees open until Friday 22 November 2019.

11 Oct 2019 : 2019-20 Mentoring Program for early career teachers

Last week, we launched our 2019/20 Mentoring Program by welcoming a group of experienced teacher mentors for two days of training at our Brisbane Office.

18 Jun 2019 : Empowering our beginning educators

IEU member Clare Gilliland is one of our union’s active staff reps and is approaching her last year as part of our beginning educators’ network (BEnet).

14 Mar 2019 : Online professional development for early career teachers

Our union offers a comprehensive online and scheduled professional development (PD) program to help early career teachers navigate their beginning years in the profession.

20 Nov 2018 : How teachers can recharge for the New Year

A crucial element of avoiding or managing burnout is building resilience – and the end of year break is an important time for teachers to engage in self-care and build resilience for the coming teaching year.

6 Aug 2018 : The power of union for aspiring and beginning educators

When employees join together with a strong, united voice, they are able to effect real change in their workplaces, their profession and even the broader community.

7 Jun 2018 : Changing face of teacher education

Teachers demand increase in pay for supervising student teachers after boom in Initial Teacher Education courses.

7 Jun 2018 : Unsupported teachers slipping through the cracks

QLD study shows early career teachers are missing out on professional support leading to many leaving the profession.

24 May 2018 : Next generation of IEUA-QNT activists emerge

Our union brought together a dedicated group of early career activists at last week’s NexGen Conference to consider and help build the future of our union.

17 Jan 2018 : Early career teachers & professional identity

Early career members shared their perceptions on what it means to be a professional, and how they have worked to develop their professional identities.

23 Oct 2017 : Beginning teacher's passion for science inspires the next generation

Bianca Battoraro was recently announced as a finalist in the 2017 Queensland College of Teachers Excellence in Beginning to Teach Award but Bianca says succeeding as an early career teacher isn’t about having it all figured out.

1 Aug 2017 : Making the Transition from Provisional to Full Registration

During the second half of the school year, it is common for early career teachers to start thinking about making the transition from provisional to full teacher registration. IEUA-QNT Research Officer Adele Schmidt explains the process.

13 Jun 2017 : Research project launched to support early career teachers

New study aims to better understand the challenges faced by early career teachers, and better plan and provide tailored support in overcoming those challenges.

2 Jun 2017 : Next generation taking the lead

A group of early career teacher and school officer members gathered recently at our NexGen Conference in Brisbane to turn an eye to the future – both the future of our union and that of the union movement more broadly.

27 Dec 2016 : Beginning educators challenged in early years of teaching

Beginning teachers often feel overwhelmed dealing with varied and complex issues associated with working in the education sector in their first years of teaching.

18 Nov 2015 : Attrition crisis: why are so many beginning teachers leaving the profession?

Latest figures on the attrition rate of beginning teachers show that close to 50 per cent leave the profession within the first five years.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.