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Pages with topic "Early Childhood"

24 Mar 2016 : Free workshop: Successful Prep for Children with Autism

Thursday 31 March, 2016 | 9.00am-12.00pm Autism Hub and Reading Centre | 141 Merton Road, Woolloongabba. This introductory level workshop aims to provide early career Prep teachers with information and advice on making their classrooms inclusive for all s…

3 Mar 2016 : Poor progress for early childhood education in Closing the Gap report

Targets for improved early learning attendance and performance among Indigenous children are not being met, according to a recent report from the federal government.

4 Feb 2016 : Prep to be compulsory by 2017

Prep year will be compulsory for all Queensland children from 2017 the Queensland government has announced.

7 Jan 2016 : Queensland government launches ECE Workforce Action Plan

The Queensland Government has announced a new Workforce Action Plan (WAP) for the early childhood sector, which presents strategies to help boost the sector’s workforce during the years 2016-2019.

28 Sep 2015 : Queensland’s prep eligibility age restored after snap change by former government

The state government’s decision to reverse changes to the prep eligibility age has been welcomed by our union.

23 Jun 2015 : Essential early childhood education funding in question yet again

Our union calls on the federal government to confirm its commitment to early childhood education funding in light of proposed changes to school funding.

7 May 2015 : Belated announcement brings temporary relief to Early Childhood Education sector

Member campaign preceded the federal government's decision to extend funding; however, a permanent commitment is needed to provide certainty to the sector.

28 Apr 2015 : Kindergarten funding commitment needed

Members initiate postcard campaign calling on the federal government to commit to kindergarten funding.

2 Apr 2015 : C&K clarifies attendance at second week of Easter break not mandatory

The C&K has confirmed that the second week of the Easter vacation period (13 to 17 April in 2015) is not a week of mandatory attendance for all staff in C&K operated Kindergartens.

20 Feb 2015 : Productivity Commission report findings and recommendations welcomed with reservations

Our union cautiously welcomes the recommendation of the Productivity Commission regarding federal funding for pre-school and kindergartens.

2 Feb 2015 : Call for Federal Government to increase preschool and kindergarten funding after parental leave scheme scrapped

The Federal Government should use funding from the scrapped paid parental leave scheme to guarantee the continuation of Universal Access to preschools and kindergartens.

15 Jan 2015 : Kindergarten eligibility age change; funding commitment sought

Change to the Queensland kindergarten eligibility age could see some children miss out on the benefits of kindergarten, while funding uncertainty continues.

14 Jan 2015 : Change to eligibility age could see Queensland children miss out on kindergarten

An abrupt change to the kindergarten eligibility age in Queensland could see some children moving directly into Prep, without the well-established benefits of a kindergarten year.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.