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Pages with topic "Equity"

7 Dec 2018 : Time to end the scourge of gender-based violence

Activists across the world are engaging in 16 days of action to eliminate gender-based violence as shocking statistics show the scale of devastation caused by such violence.

25 Oct 2018 : Women face future poverty in retirement

New research has revealed the continued and growing inequity suffered by women workers who are increasingly facing poverty in retirement.

15 Oct 2018 : Time to overhaul discrimination exemptions

Our union opposes discrimination based on a person’s sexuality.

12 Sep 2018 : Plan to address inequity for women

Australian unions have launched a campaign to address the inequity women have long-faced in the workplace.

31 Aug 2018 : Why Are Australian Women Still Being Paid Less Than Men?

Friday 31 August 2018 is Equal Pay Day — an important reminder of the continuing barriers women face in accessing the same opportunities and benefits as men in Australian workplaces.

27 Jul 2018 : It's time for all early childhood teachers to receive equal pay

We're standing in solidarity with IEU NSW/ACT members as they pursue a landmark equal pay case for early childhood teachers.

24 Jul 2018 : Working women need the rules to change

In more ways than one the rules for women at work are broken — and it’s time for change.

7 Jun 2018 : Negative effects on student streaming

Study shows little evidence grouping students by ability works in schools

14 May 2018 : Putting our women leaders in their place

On International Women’s Day, the IEUA Federal Council endorsed a rule change to ensure 50% women representation in Federal Council positions.

4 May 2018 : Members win paid domestic violence leave

Members in Queensland Anglican schools and Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School have won access to paid domestic violence leave, a significant entitlement which empowers victims to free themselves from violence.

5 Apr 2018 : How will you transition to retirement?

An effective transition can provide the flexibility and peace of mind that members need as they approach retirement.

5 Apr 2018 : NT women members creating change

Union members in the Northern Territory are sending a clear message: a collective effort is needed to tackle issues that are hurting working women.

12 Mar 2018 : Step in the right direction for girls’ uniforms

The right for girls to wear pants and shorts in school has taken a step forward in Queensland with the state government’s announcement that they will rewrite the state school uniform policy.

26 Feb 2018 : IWD 2018 Leave No Woman Behind: Help women secure their right to safety

Women are losing their livelihoods, families and lives to natural disasters. We can't afford for women to lose their voices.

20 Feb 2018 : We won’t wait: every worker deserves freedom from violence

Unions across a variety of industries have stood together in seeking appropriate support for employees affected by domestic violence.

24 Nov 2017 : Every worker deserves freedom from violence

As the community joins together to recognise White Ribbon Day on 25 November and speak out against family and domestic violence, unions continue their campaign for paid domestic violence leave for all workers.

10 Aug 2017 : Inequality on the rise as Australian household incomes go backwards

For the first time since 2009, Australia household incomes have gone backwards as inequality rises and wages stagnant, according to a recent survey from the University of Melbourne.

20 Jul 2017 : New report once again shows that retirement is not so super for women

A major new report from the Australian Services Union (ASU) has highlighted the continued and growing inequity women workers face when it comes to saving for retirement.

13 Jun 2017 : Rising equity concerns over NAPLAN

NAPLAN must be inclusive of all students including those with a disability and those from diverse linguistic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

9 Mar 2017 : Let’s help to end Indigenous disadvantage | Close the Gap Day 2017

IEUA-QNT Chapters are encouraged to hold a morning tea on Thursday 16 March to acknowledge the day and consider how we, as educators of the next generation, can contribute to better outcomes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of our community.

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