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Pages with topic "COVID-19"

28 May 2020 : New resources aim to assist student mental health issues arising from COVID-19

Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health and School of Education has launched a new website with resources for teachers to help children who may be experiencing mental health issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

28 May 2020 : COVID-19 crisis solidifies value of teaching profession

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the teachers have shown the true value of the teaching profession through collective strength, adaptability and fortitude.

28 May 2020 : Diary of an online teacher

IEU journalist Emily Campbell talks to members Kate Clout, Marianne Lucas and Terry Druery about their experiences teaching online and remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

28 May 2020 : Trauma teaching needs an overhaul

The further development and implementation of multi-tiered trauma-informed support, training practices and protocols for school staff and school mental health workers is critically needed in Australian schools, according to new study by Monash University …

22 May 2020 : Observing Ramadan during COVID-19

IEU journalist Emily Campbell spoke to two members, Christine Harman, Principal of the Australian International Islamic College (AIIC) Durack campus and Rami Ahmed, a teacher and union staff representative who also works at AIIC, to discuss how the corona…

22 May 2020 : Member Advisory #11: Safety and hygiene protections must be guaranteed with student return

Comprehensive health and safety precautions will be critical in your school as the full student cohort returns on Monday, 25 May.

21 May 2020 : Meeting the challenges of COVID-19: members tell their story

Our union acknowledges the outstanding professional efforts of our early childhood education members who have continued to work to provide quality education throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

21 May 2020 : Waiving of A-E mid-year reporting welcome

Our union has welcomed the decision to waive the controversial rule requiring teachers to grade students from A to E for each subject in their mid-yearly reports.

21 May 2020 : Redundancies: knowing your rights

Members employed in the VET and ELICOS sectors must be aware of their rights, responsibilities and entitlements when it comes to redundancy, to ensure they receive the best possible advice and outcomes if a genuine redundancy occurs.

21 May 2020 : Advice for members needing continued alternative working arrangements

As all students return to on-site schooling next week, employers have indicated that all teachers and school staff are also to return to on-site face-to-face working arrangements.

15 May 2020 : Health and safety of staff and students critical as all students set to return to school

Maintaining the health and safety of all school staff and students needs to be the number one priority for schools following the today’s Queensland government announcement that all students will return to on-site learning from 25 May 2020, the Independent…

14 May 2020 : Australian Unions plan to rebuild our economy

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has this week released a comprehensive blueprint for rebuilding the economy and restoring jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

14 May 2020 : Boarding and outdoor education staff need urgent clarity from government

IEU members employed in boarding houses and outdoor education centres attached to schools continue to face uncertainty.

13 May 2020 : JobKeeper: knowing your rights

It is vital that our members working the the VET and ELICOS sector know their rights and are fully informed about the terms and conditions of the federal government’s JobKeeper wage subsidy, following cases of misuse by some employers.

7 May 2020 : State government funding a vital boost for staff and students

New Queensland government funding to assist international students stranded in Queensland due to COVID-19 is a critical support for the ELICOS and VET sector at this unprecedented time.

7 May 2020 : Corona-anxiety: how to assist anxious young children

Early childhood education teachers and assistants may be noticing emotional and behavioural changes in young children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 May 2020 : No excuse for stand downs as students return to school

Non-government school employers have no justification for continued or further stand downs of school support staff, as students begin a phased return to on-site schooling.

6 May 2020 : Student return must include safety & workload protections: Critical teaching and learning challenges require an answer

Stringent health and safety precautions will be paramount in the planned return to school by Kindergarten, Prep, Year 1, Year 11 and Year 12 students next week.

30 Apr 2020 : Your workplace health and safety rights during COVID-19

Looking after our student’s education and wellbeing will be at the forefront of the minds of all early childhood education teachers and assistance as we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19 – making the workplace health and safety for the whole kin…

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.