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Pages with topic "Bargaining with One Voice"

2 Sep 2020 : Catholic employers renege on back pay while deducting overpayments without warning

Two Catholic employers, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office (TCSO) and Downlands College (Toowoomba) have reneged on the provisions in the new Queensland Catholic Schools’ collective agreements – deciding not to back pay employees who have left their employ…

27 Aug 2020 : Two Catholic employers renege on back pay as QCEC struggle with FWC approval of agreements

Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office (TCSO) and Downlands College (Toowoomba) have decided to renege on the provisions in the Queensland Catholic Schools’ collective agreements and not back-pay employees who have left employment before approval of the agreem…

21 Jul 2020 : New QLD Catholic agreements deliver overdue recognition of leadership roles

IEUA-QNT members in the Queensland Catholic sector are to be commended for their dedication to pursuing the long-overdue provisions needed to better recognise senior and middle leadership positions.

29 Jun 2020 : Agreements endorsed in QLD Catholic school ballots

Proposed collective agreements have been endorsed in the employer ballots, with more than 90% of votes cast in favour.

18 Jun 2020 : Queensland Catholic members finally get to have their say on agreement

This time next week members in Queensland Catholic schools will be voting in the employers’ electronic ballot of their proposed agreement.

9 Jun 2020 : Queensland Catholic school employers finally confirm ballot details

Our union has been advised that a ballot for a replacement collective agreement will be held by the end of this term.

2 Mar 2020 : Queensland Catholic school employers determined to go to ballot

After ten months of negotiations, Queensland Catholic employers have determined that they will now conduct a ballot for a new collective agreement.

13 Feb 2020 : Employers must address remaining employee issues to resolve negotiations

Mechanisms to address workload and work intensification, wages, as well as matters related to middle leaders and school counsellors must be addressed by Queensland Catholic school employers in order to resolve the current collective bargaining negotiation…

29 Nov 2019 : Time to look to the future, not the past

Our union remains committed to resolving negotiations for a new collective agreement for Queensland Catholic school employees.

27 Nov 2019 : Urgent update for all Queensland Catholic school members

A Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) meeting was held today (27 November 2019). Employer representatives have agreed to consult with employing authorities and explore proposals which might bring negotiations to a conclusion.

27 Nov 2019 : Queensland Catholic school staff suspend work bans, seek Fair Work Commission assistance

Protected industrial action in the form of work bans in 196 Queensland Catholic schools has been suspended by IEUA-QNT members – preventing chaos in classrooms across the state following their employers’ lockout threat.

26 Nov 2019 : No pay and unable to work = lockout

Claims by Queensland Catholic school employers of no potential lockout of teachers and support staff in their schools are inaccurate.

25 Nov 2019 : Queensland Catholic school employers become first to threaten staff lockout

Over 7000 teachers and school support staff could be locked out of their schools indefinitely if Queensland Catholic school employers enact their threat made last Friday 22 November – creating chaos for the operation of Catholic schools across the state.

18 Nov 2019 : Members take action over workload crisis: 196 Queensland Catholic schools authorised to strike today

Over 7000 Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff from 196 Catholic schools across Queensland are authorised to take strike action today (Tuesday 19 November) as part of protected industrial action.

12 Nov 2019 : Catholic school staff to stop work on 19 November

A 30-minute stop work will be undertaken by members in authorised Queensland Catholic schools at 9:00am on Tuesday, 19 November.

7 Nov 2019 : Work bans underway in Queensland Catholic schools

Over 7,000 members in 195 Queensland Catholic schools are authorised to undertake work bans from today.

22 Oct 2019 : QLD Catholic Chapters voting with one voice

For the past two weeks, Queensland Catholic school members across 275 Chapters have been voting with one voice as their campaign escalates.

15 Oct 2019 : Members at Nyangatjatjara College win in new agreement

Wage and allowance increases plus the payment of accrued Not In Teaching Time amongst the significant enhancements for members in their new collective agreement.

13 Sep 2019 : Catholic employers continue to ignore employee voice

Employers in Queensland Catholic schools have once again failed to listen to the voice of their employees, as negotiations continue for a replacement collective agreement.

22 Aug 2019 : Employer inaction forces members to consider protected action

Queensland Catholic school employers’ refusal to meaningfully respond to key bargaining claims has forced members to escalate their Bargaining with One Voice campaign.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.