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Pages with topic "Change the Rules"

20 Sep 2019 : Federal government seeks to cut sick leave

The current federal government's true disregard for Australian workers continues to be revealed, this time as it seeks to help a multinational corporation to cut workers’ sick leave.

20 May 2019 : Workers face uncertain industrial landscape

Workers are facing an uncertain industrial landscape for the next three years, following the re-election of the Coalition government.

16 May 2019 : A fairer future for… the next generation

Leaving a fairer future for the next generation is a shared goal for many. As IEUA-QNT members cast their vote this weekend, they too will be considering the long-term impacts of parties’ proposed policies.

16 May 2019 : A fairer future for …women

Working women have disproportionately borne the brunt of Australia’s broken industrial rules.

16 May 2019 : A fairer future for… those in insecure work

Statistics tell us that 40% of Australian workers are employed on insecure jobs. The statistics also say that 1 million Australians are underemployed. They tell us that 1 million Australians are working two jobs.

7 May 2019 : Labour Day sees huge turnout of union members calling for rules to change

More than 60,000 union members rallied across Queensland over the Labour Day long weekend, with our union leading the way alongside the Finance Sector Union (FSU) as we each marked our centenaries.

3 May 2019 : Workers suffer $80 million penalty rate hit with more to come

Australian workers suffered an $80 million hit to their wages across the recent public holiday period due penalty rate cuts, according to recent modelling.

3 May 2019 : Time to celebrate our 100 year anniversary!

Labour Day and May Day celebrations will be held this coming long weekend (4-6 May), providing a special opportunity to mark 100 years of our union.

24 Apr 2019 : Employer ordered to stop taking unprotected industrial action against employees

On behalf of members at Langports English College in Brisbane, our union has obtained an order from the Fair Work Commission (FWC) that the College stop taking unprotected industrial action against its employees.

11 Apr 2019 : Change The Rules message rings out as election called

IEUA-QNT members joined with working people across the country at Change The Rules rallies held yesterday, 10 April 2019.

9 Apr 2019 : Time's Up: Urgent action needed to end sexual harassment in Australian workplaces

A landmark survey by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has revealed the prevalence of sexual harassment in Australian workplaces with two in three women and one in three men affected.

8 Apr 2019 : The only way to Change The Rules is to change the government

IEUA-QNT members know the rules need to change. With the federal election imminent, members will soon have the opportunity to make these critical changes a reality by voting to change the government.

8 Apr 2019 : Members uniting this week to Change The Rules

On Wednesday, 10 April 2019, IEUA-QNT members will unite with union and community members to Change The Rules at rallies being held across Queensland.

29 Mar 2019 : Government presides over biggest drop in living standards in 30 years

Australian living standards have fallen rapidly in the past three years, plunging in the biggest drop in more than 30 years.

29 Mar 2019 : Wage theft is a business model

A damning Senate report has shone a light on exploitative practises marring the $170 billion franchise industry.

8 Mar 2019 : Workers lift lid on horror Amazon warehouse conditions

Workers at Amazon’s Australian warehouse have lifted the lid on a workplace culture built on fear where workers are treated like ‘robots’.

15 Feb 2019 : Unions changing the rules on fairness

Australian union leader Sally McManus has issued a clear warning ahead of the upcoming federal election: it’s time to change the rules on fairness.

4 Feb 2019 : Members wear union colours with pride

Members showed their union pride on National Union T-Shirt Day!

7 Dec 2018 : Insecure work is harming employees in our schools

In the lead up to collective bargaining next year – where insecure work is set to be a key theme – members in Queensland Catholic schools are sharing their own insecure work stories.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.