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Pages with topic "Change the Rules"

21 Mar 2019 : Wage theft is a business model

A damning Senate report has shone a light on exploitative practises marring the $170 billion franchise industry.

21 Mar 2019 : Government presides over biggest drop in living standards in 30 years

Australian living standards have fallen rapidly in the past three years, plunging in the biggest drop in more than 30 years.

8 Mar 2019 : Workers lift lid on horror Amazon warehouse conditions

Workers at Amazon’s Australian warehouse have lifted the lid on a workplace culture built on fear where workers are treated like ‘robots’.

15 Feb 2019 : Unions changing the rules on fairness

Australian union leader Sally McManus has issued a clear warning ahead of the upcoming federal election: it’s time to change the rules on fairness.

4 Feb 2019 : Members wear union colours with pride

Members showed their union pride on National Union T-Shirt Day!

7 Dec 2018 : Insecure work is harming employees in our schools

In the lead up to collective bargaining next year – where insecure work is set to be a key theme – members in Queensland Catholic schools are sharing their own insecure work stories.

16 Nov 2018 : Wage theft costing a generation billions

Wage theft is costing Queensland workers billions in denied wages and superannuation according to estimates in a new report.

16 Nov 2018 : Member faces 11th year on fixed-term contract

In a prime example of the insecure work crisis impacting our schools, one member is facing an 11th year on a fixed-term contract in 2019.

25 Oct 2018 : Unions and community unite to Change The Rules

Union and community members have turned out in massive numbers at Change The Rules rallies across the country.

22 Oct 2018 : Nationwide rallies to Change The Rules

Unions have called nationwide rallies in a bid to change Australia's broken industrial rules.

14 Sep 2018 : Employer attempts to restrict continuing positions

The Toowoomba Catholic schools employer recently invited a limited group of fixed-term employees to apply for continuing employment status.

13 Sep 2018 : Strike for arbitration as Carinity puts disadvantaged students at risk

Queensland Baptists’ outreach, Carinity Education, is placing its disadvantaged students at risk by refusing to agree to arbitration over long-running negotiations with staff.

12 Sep 2018 : Plan to address inequity for women

Australian unions have launched a campaign to address the inequity women have long-faced in the workplace.

23 Aug 2018 : Carinity intent on cutting conditions

Carinity Education – an outreach of Queensland Baptists – has repeatedly shown itself to be intent on attacking working conditions in our sector.

3 Aug 2018 : Carinity members VOTE NO to employer's second attack on conditions

Carinity school staff have sent a clear message to the employer in the latest ballot - attacks on employee working conditions will not be tolerated.

2 Aug 2018 : Workers paid as little as $8 take action

A group of migrant farm workers are taking legal action after alleging a labour hire company paid them as little as $8 per hour.

2 Aug 2018 : Employer attempt to terminate agreement defeated in Commission

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) was forced to abandon an attempt to terminate its employees’ collective agreement after a hearing in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) last week.

24 Jul 2018 : Working women need the rules to change

In more ways than one the rules for women at work are broken — and it’s time for change.

15 Jun 2018 : Catholic college outsourcing could cause redundancies

The decision to outsource school cleaning to a labour hire company will result in redundancies at Marist College Ashgrove – another example of how Australia’s broken industrial laws continue to erode secure jobs.

15 Jun 2018 : Baptist Church outreach Carinity continues to act like a corporation

Despite attempts by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to aid negotiations, Carinity Education remains intent on cutting wages and working conditions.

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