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Pages with topic "Reclaim the Profession"

30 Aug 2019 : NAPLAN results reinforce need to axe standardised test

The latest NAPLAN results published Tuesday confirm the standardised test is going through its death throes; state governments have given up on it, technology has failed it, schools are openly critical and tellingly, there is evidence in the year 9 test r…

8 Mar 2019 : Government inquiry an exercise in what teachers already know

A federal government inquiry into the status of teachers has heard teachers are increasingly under workload pressure and frustrated by a data-driven learning environment that impinges upon autonomous teaching.

15 Jun 2018 : Respect for teachers now part of the national conversation

The importance of restoring professional respect for teachers was at the forefront of national debate on Q&A and Gruen this week.

4 May 2018 : Employer attempts to change holiday timing without consultation

A Northern Territory school attempted to alter staff holiday leave with just three days’ notice and without any staff consultation.

5 Apr 2018 : Our profession under attack

The threats to the teaching profession are many and varied: from the imposition of flawed standardised testing to the professional affront of unannounced classroom observations, not to mention a still uncertain funding future. Without action by our union …

23 Feb 2018 : Independent body would limit politics in the classroom

A proposed independent education institute to limit the influence of politics inside Australian classrooms has been welcomed by our union as a step in the right direction.

20 Feb 2018 : Time for teachers' voices to be heard

The erosion of respect for teachers' professional judgments, expertise and autonomy demands our response.

2 Feb 2018 : It's time to Reclaim the Profession

Empowering teachers to Reclaim the Profession will be a key focus for our union this year.

17 Jan 2018 : It’s time to reclaim the profession

Potential workload burden of more national testing highlights the need to reclaim the profession.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.