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Pages with topic "Industrial advice"

21 Jan 2020 : Union support sees employer warning withdrawn

Our union has successfully supported a member who received a written warning from their employer stating they had breached the staff code of conduct for having a conversation with a colleague in their native language.

24 Oct 2019 : Union support sees more members in secure jobs

Two members at a Catholic secondary college in Queensland have successfully transferred to full-time continuing positions, with the collective support of our union, their school Chapter and principal.

21 Aug 2019 : If your working condition aren’t protected, they’re at risk

A recent case in a Queensland independent school has highlighted the risk of complacency around working conditions that aren’t protected within a collective agreement.

12 Aug 2019 : Making us sick: survey reveals extent of illness and injuries caused by work

A recent Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) survey on the state of work health and safety in Australia has found that Australians are more than twice as likely to suffer an injury at work then to have a secure job.

5 Aug 2019 : Workers’ compensation fails to cover teacher participating in activity with students

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) handed down a decision on 7 March 2019, which will impact the availability of workers’ compensation for teachers who sustain injuries while participating in activities with students, as Rachel Drew and…

26 Jul 2019 : Members left vulnerable after Commission decision

A recent Queensland Industrial Relations Commission decision has placed a serious question mark over whether members should be participating in excursions, camps, trips and outdoor education.

26 Oct 2017 : $10,000 salary increase for member who sought assistance from our union

A Catholic school member has recently had their classification level increased from Graduate 2 to Proficient 3 following a union-assisted application to recognise prior experience – leading to a more than $10,000 salary increase.

24 May 2017 : Inherent requirements: employers misusing the term to ignore needs of staff

When employers question whether or not their employees can carry out the “inherent requirements” of their role, they are questioning the employee’s ability to do their job.

16 Mar 2017 : Member’s $2000 underpayment corrected after call to our union

A call to our union for advice has resulted in a member in the Early Childhood Education sector receiving their rightful entitlement to $2000 in unpaid superannuation and allowances.

8 Sep 2016 : Close to $9000 in redundancy back payments secured for members

Seeking the assistance of our Industrial Services team has resulted in the significant back payment of underpaid severance pay to IEUA-QNT members from the boarding house sector.

8 Sep 2016 : Who's watching? Surveillance in schools

A recent case of a Queensland Catholic employer using CCTV surveillance in a disciplinary matter with a kindergarten staff member has been the spotlight on this serious workplace issue once again.

17 Aug 2016 : Member secures $6000+ in under paid wages

The importance of seeking the assistance of our Industrial Services team has once more been highlighted after a teacher member recently securing over $6000 for underpayment of their wages.

16 Jun 2016 : Denial of flexible working arrangement request reversed after union assistance

With the help of our union’s Industrial Services Team, a member will soon return to work on a part-time basis following her maternity leave despite the initial request for such a flexible arrangement being denied by her principal.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.