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Pages with topic "The Good "

7 Dec 2018 : The year that was: 2018 year in review

With December upon us, many members will inevitably find themselves reflecting on the year that was.

7 Dec 2018 : An agenda for wage reform

An agenda to arrest Australia’s wage growth crisis has been outlined by industrial relations experts.

7 Dec 2018 : Time to end the scourge of gender-based violence

Activists across the world are engaging in 16 days of action to eliminate gender-based violence as shocking statistics show the scale of devastation caused by such violence.

16 Nov 2018 : Wages attacked in kindy takeover

The take-over of a Brisbane kindergarten has seen staff forced to choose between a serious cut to wages or giving up their jobs.

16 Nov 2018 : Wage theft costing a generation billions

Wage theft is costing Queensland workers billions in denied wages and superannuation according to estimates in a new report.

16 Nov 2018 : Catholic school members fight back against insecure work

Members in Queensland Catholic schools are taking action – sharing their personal experiences of insecure work and adding their support to our campaign to address the impact rolling fixed-term contracts and cuts to part-time hours are having on our school…

16 Nov 2018 : Community united for VET reform

The Queensland Community Alliance held an accountability assembly last week, drawing attention to the need to reform the vocational education and training sector.

16 Nov 2018 : Chapter creates blueprint to ensure staff respect

Members at St Thomas More College in Sunnybank have developed an initiative to ensure respect for staff is central to all relationships with parents and the broader school community.

16 Nov 2018 : Member faces 11th year on fixed-term contract

In a prime example of the insecure work crisis impacting our schools, one member is facing an 11th year on a fixed-term contract in 2019.

16 Nov 2018 : Remote work for the dole scheme ‘modern slavery’

The Community Development Program (CDP), which disproportionately impacts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, has been described as ‘modern slavery’.

25 Oct 2018 : Restaurants serving up side of wage theft

Another high profile restaurant has been exposed for underpaying staff in breach of current workplace laws.

25 Oct 2018 : Staff would work weekends under Haileybury plan

Members have flagged concerns with Haileybury Rendall School’s bargaining claims, including a plan for staff to work additional hours on weekends.

25 Oct 2018 : Women face future poverty in retirement

New research has revealed the continued and growing inequity suffered by women workers who are increasingly facing poverty in retirement.

25 Oct 2018 : Spotlight on teacher wellbeing

Our union is shining a light on one of the most prevalent teacher wellbeing concerns: burnout.

25 Oct 2018 : Unions and community unite to Change The Rules

Union and community members have turned out in massive numbers at Change The Rules rallies across the country.

25 Oct 2018 : A professional to be proud of

Today we celebrate World Teachers’ Day – an important opportunity to thank and congratulate teachers for the invaluable work they do.

14 Sep 2018 : Fighting for Careers You Can Count On

School officers in Queensland Catholic schools play a critical role in the delivery of quality education to our students, yet sadly we know the reality for many is one of insecure employment.

14 Sep 2018 : Broken rules deny workers lost wages after Foodora collapse

Legal action against food delivery service Foodora over staff underpayments has been dropped after the company entered into administration.

14 Sep 2018 : Employer attempts to restrict continuing positions

The Toowoomba Catholic schools employer recently invited a limited group of fixed-term employees to apply for continuing employment status.

14 Sep 2018 : Djarragun members win benchmark conditions

Members at Djarragun College, Gordonvale have secured benchmark conditions in their latest agreement, including comparable wages with the Queensland Catholic sector.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.