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14 Nov 2019 : Lutheran Education Queensland remain intent to cut, control and constrain

Following a third collective bargaining meeting, it is clear that Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) remains intent on pursuing an agenda to strip conditions from the current Queensland Lutheran Schools Collective Agreement.

14 Nov 2019 : Back pay win for school officer

A Queensland Catholic school officer has won back pay with the support of our union after being directed to do duties during unpaid meal breaks.

14 Nov 2019 : Seemingly no end in sight to endemic wage theft

With the recent announcement that Woolworths has underpaid its staff by $300m over the past nine years, there seems to be no end in sight to the endemic wage theft in Australian workplaces.

24 Oct 2019 : Queensland Catholic school Chapters endorse protected action

Over 6,500 members in 176 Catholic schools are now authorised to take protected action, following a formal ballot conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

24 Oct 2019 : Queensland Lutheran employers seek to cut conditions

Members in Queensland Lutheran schools would face cuts to their current working conditions under a claim tabled by their employer during current collective bargaining negotiations.

24 Oct 2019 : Universities yet to table prac payment rates

After two meetings to negotiate the rates of payment for practicum supervision, the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA) - the body representing Queensland universities - have yet to table a rate of pay.

24 Oct 2019 : Teachers at the heart of learning

Today members across Queensland are celebrating World Teachers’ Day.

24 Oct 2019 : Union support sees more members in secure jobs

Two members at a Catholic secondary college in Queensland have successfully transferred to full-time continuing positions, with the collective support of our union, their school Chapter and principal.

24 Oct 2019 : Who we are: 100 years union strong

Our union’s strength has always been our active and diverse membership.

24 Oct 2019 : Ensuring integrity or ensuring inequity?

The so-called Ensuring Integrity Bill would subject unions to harsher and more rigorous standards than any other Australian organisation, including corporations and big business.

13 Sep 2019 : Catholic employers continue to ignore employee voice

Employers in Queensland Catholic schools have once again failed to listen to the voice of their employees, as negotiations continue for a replacement collective agreement.

13 Sep 2019 : Religious schools don't need the Religious Discrimination Bill

The draft Religious Discrimination Bill, recently released by the federal government, continues the unacceptable practice of limiting the rights of those working in faith-based schools.

13 Sep 2019 : IEUA-QNT condemns climbing of sacred Uluru

Our union recently wrote to Senator Pauline Hanson after her attempted climb of Uluru in late August, condemning her actions on behalf of our members.

13 Sep 2019 : Win for Toowoomba Grammar School Chapter

The Chapter at Toowoomba Grammar School has won better working conditions after their employer failed to propose equitable pay rates for all employees in recent collective bargaining.

13 Sep 2019 : Planned ban sees universities reconsider prac payments

Queensland universities have backed away from their refusal to bargain on practicum payment rates following members’ planned suspension of supervisions.

22 Aug 2019 : Retirement nightmare looming for many Australian women

The rate of Australian women facing financial crisis and poverty as they approach retirement is on the rise due to a failing superannuation system that leaves a majority of women with 47% less superannuation than men.

22 Aug 2019 : Morrison government backs legal bid to cut sick leave

The Morrison government’s intervention in a legal case to reduce sick leave entitlements for shift workers has failed following a federal court decision.

22 Aug 2019 : Employer inaction forces members to consider protected action

Queensland Catholic school employers’ refusal to meaningfully respond to key bargaining claims has forced members to escalate their Bargaining with One Voice campaign.

22 Aug 2019 : Aquinas College commits to School Consultative Committee

The Chapter from Aquinas College, a Catholic secondary college on the Gold Coast, has successfully implemented a School Consultative Committee with the help of our union.

21 Aug 2019 : If your working condition aren’t protected, they’re at risk

A recent case in a Queensland independent school has highlighted the risk of complacency around working conditions that aren’t protected within a collective agreement.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.