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22 Aug 2019 : Retirement nightmare looming for many Australian women

The rate of Australian women facing financial crisis and poverty as they approach retirement is on the rise due to a failing superannuation system that leaves a majority of women with 47% less superannuation than men.

22 Aug 2019 : Morrison government backs legal bid to cut sick leave

The Morrison government’s intervention in a legal case to reduce sick leave entitlements for shift workers has failed following a federal court decision.

22 Aug 2019 : Employer inaction forces members to consider protected action

Queensland Catholic school employers’ refusal to meaningfully respond to key bargaining claims has forced members to escalate their Bargaining with One Voice campaign.

22 Aug 2019 : Aquinas College commits to School Consultative Committee

The Chapter from Aquinas College, a Catholic secondary college on the Gold Coast, has successfully implemented a School Consultative Committee with the help of our union.

21 Aug 2019 : If your working condition aren’t protected, they’re at risk

A recent case in a Queensland independent school has highlighted the risk of complacency around working conditions that aren’t protected within a collective agreement.

21 Aug 2019 : 100 years, 100 activists: Branches mark our union's centenary

Our union’s centenary celebrations are in full swing with events held in the North Queensland, Far North Queensland, Mackay and Central Queensland Branches this month.

19 Aug 2019 : Three new Member Awards to recognise outstanding activists

Our union has added three new awards in our centenary year to our IEUA-QNT Excellence Awards, which recognise the significant contributions made by a number of dedicated union members.

31 Jul 2019 : Centenary celebrations across QLD & NT

Members will gather at celebratory events across Queensland and the Northern Territory to mark our union’s centenary.

29 Jul 2019 : Federal Government lets super thieves off the hook

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has slammed the backflip which saw the Morrison government once again side with superannuation thieves only hours after ditching a policy that would have seen them let off the hook.

12 Jun 2019 : Inclusive uniform options for Queensland Catholic schools

Female students in Queensland Catholic schools will soon have the option to wear shorts and pants, as part of new inclusive practices.

12 Jun 2019 : Teachers are overworked but the solution is clear

Teachers are struggling to deliver student focused education under ever increasing work demands that impose additional hours for data and compliance requirements, according to recent research by the University of Sydney.

12 Jun 2019 : A sustainable path to retirement

Starting his career in a small Catholic secondary college for boys in Sydney, IEUA-QNT member Col Grant never anticipated to still be working in education past the customary retirement age.

11 Jun 2019 : Members mark School Officer Day 2019

The invaluable work of school officers and services staff has been celebrated by IEUA-QNT Chapters on School Officer Day – Wednesday 12 June 2019.

11 Jun 2019 : Members subjected to first lockout of Queensland teachers

Teachers at Langports English College have been subjected to employer lockouts during negotiations for the College’s first collective agreement.

16 May 2019 : A fairer future for… the next generation

Leaving a fairer future for the next generation is a shared goal for many. As IEUA-QNT members cast their vote this weekend, they too will be considering the long-term impacts of parties’ proposed policies.

16 May 2019 : A fairer future for …women

Working women have disproportionately borne the brunt of Australia’s broken industrial rules.

16 May 2019 : A fairer future for… those in insecure work

Statistics tell us that 40% of Australian workers are employed on insecure jobs. The statistics also say that 1 million Australians are underemployed. They tell us that 1 million Australians are working two jobs.

3 May 2019 : ELICOS employer ordered to cease employee lockout

Langports English College has been ordered by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to cease unprotected action against employees, after some staff were threatened by their employer with a full day lockout simply for wearing a badge in support of their industria…

3 May 2019 : Workers suffer $80 million penalty rate hit with more to come

Australian workers suffered an $80 million hit to their wages across the recent public holiday period due penalty rate cuts, according to recent modelling.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.