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Pages with topic "Catholic Colb8"

10 Aug 2015 : Catholic employers' attempt to frustrate protected action ballots fails

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has approved the applications for a formal ballot of members to allow protected industrial action to be undertaken in support of employees’ legitimate claims.

6 Aug 2015 : Catholic employers oppose protected action ballot proposals

Queensland Catholic school employing authorities have shown a further lack of respect for their employees in attempting to prevent employees having the democratic right to have formal protected action ballots.

5 Aug 2015 : Members in Catholic schools overwhelmingly endorse protected action ballot application

90% of Chapters across the state have overwhelmingly endorsed an application to the Fair Work Commission for formal ballots to allow protected industrial action in support of the employee claims.

30 Jul 2015 : Catholic employers reject counsellor claims

Employers have again failed to listen to the concerns of their employees and have rejected many of the key suggestions identified by their counsellor employees.

27 Jul 2015 : Catholic employer position would worsen wage inequity; member ballot continues in support of employee claim

Queensland Catholic school employers have failed to listen to the legitimate employee wage claim. Instead the employer position would increase the financial disadvantage suffered by experienced Queensland teachers at the top salary step.

22 Jul 2015 : Catholic employers' lack of consideration rejected

An advisory survey of Queensland Catholic school members has indicated an overwhelming rejection of any collective agreement which ignores employees’ legitimate concerns, places them at financial disadvantage and fails to address real work issues.

14 Jul 2015 : Catholic employers fail to listen - member feedback to direct next phase of campaign

QLD Catholic employers have failed to listen to employee concerns put to their representatives at the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) meetings. Chapters now asked to endorse a campaign which both focuses on each employer and makes the broader community aware…

15 Jun 2015 : Funding figures not in dispute as employers remain wedded to incomprehensible wage position

Queensland Catholic school employers continue to dispute the employee position that there should be comparability of teacher rates to that of a major interstate Catholic employer, namely NSW Catholic Diocesan despite acknowledging the accuracy of funding …

29 May 2015 : Catholic employer wage position leaves employees lagging behind

Catholic employers can afford wage justice. Chapters are reaffirming their wage claim for comparability with NSW Catholic Diocesan colleagues.

19 May 2015 : It’s time: term time school officers deserve wage justice

Term time school officers deserve wage justice with four weeks paid annual leave in line with a community standard. Four weeks paid annual leave is a community norm and Catholic employing authorities are engaged in an unseemly attempt to deny term time sc…

14 May 2015 : Catholic employers respond to employee log of claims

Catholic employers have adopted a highhanded response to the endorsed employee log of claims asserting that employer ‘flexibility’ at the workplace will resolve employee concerns.

13 May 2015 : Catholic employees table multi-faceted wage claim

The current wage and classification structures in Queensland Catholic schools are tired, inadequate and fail to recognise appropriately the work of teachers and other employees in schools. Nor can inequitable wage comparisons with teachers interstate be s…

6 May 2015 : Queensland Catholic school term time employeees denied community norm

An entitlement for paid four (4) weeks annual leave is a community norm across Australia yet this is currently denied to term time staff in Queensland Catholic schools. This matter can and must be addressed in this round of bargaining.

1 May 2015 : Queensland Catholic Employees provide detailed claims; Employers fail to table claim

Catholic employers have once more failed to provide a definitive date as to when they will table their log of claims – further delaying the ability of employees to negotiate a replacement collective agreement.

6 Apr 2015 : Catholic employers fail to table log of claims despite significant delay

Catholic employers have potentially created further delay in the negotiation of a replacement collective agreement with their failure to table an employer log of claims at the initial meeting of the negotiating groups.

24 Mar 2015 : Queensland Catholic SBU to meet for first time

Employers have agreed to a first meeting of joint (Religious Institute and Diocesan) SBUs on Tuesday, 31 March, with further SBU meetings to follow.

18 Mar 2015 : Beginning educator issues on the table during Catholic sector negotiations

Professional issues affecting beginning educators are on the agenda for upcoming Queensland Catholic sector negotiations.

9 Mar 2015 : Catholic ColB8: SBU reps named; members consider issues

Catholic employers had finally agreed to begin collective negotiations with the first meeting set for 31 March, with members considering important issues during the unnecessarily long lead-in period. Employee representatives to the Single Bargaining Units…

2 Mar 2015 : QLD Catholic employers commit to bargain

Queensland Catholic employers have finally agreed to come to the bargaining table. The first meeting of the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) is scheduled for Tuesday, 31 March 2015.

23 Feb 2015 : Queensland Catholic employees kept waiting

Employees are to be left waiting for bargaining to commence until Queensland Catholic employers determine otherwise. Members to reflect on their expanding roles while they wait.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.