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10 Feb 2016 : Employers have no plan to address increasing workloads, inequitable wages in QLD Catholic schools

Ahead of the prospect of further employee industrial action, the employers have not only affirmed their hardline positions but made it very clear that they do not understand the challenges facing employees in their schools.

20 Jan 2016 : Catholic school members seek escalation of campaign with new protected action ballot

Catholic sector members are seeking to escalate their campaign with a new protected action ballot to consider additional protected actions as authorised members stop work for the seventh time later this week.

22 Dec 2015 : Queensland Catholic members continue campaign as negotiations remain unresolved

More than 7,500 Catholic school members in over 180 schools across Queensland have maintained their protected action as their employers continue in their failure to show they care about employees’ serious concerns.

18 Dec 2015 : A new year's resolution for Queensland Catholic school employers

A new year brings new opportunities. It is a time to put negativity and failures behind and look positively to the future. For employees in Queensland Catholic schools, whether or not 2016 will be a positive year is up to the employers.

7 Dec 2015 : Catholic employers lack leadership to resolve negotiations

Since the beginning of negotiations for a new collective agreement eight months ago, employees have been ready – ready with their log of claims and ready to resolve these negotiations.

18 Nov 2015 : Catholic negotiations set to continue into 2016 as employers fail to address critical claims

Queensland Catholic school employers have yet again failed to propose a bargaining position that would address critical employee concerns and resolve negotiations for a new collective agreement.

13 Nov 2015 : Catholic school employees to stop work for sixth time

Over 7,500 members in over 180 Catholic schools across Queensland are authorised to stop work for a sixth time as their concerns regarding increasing workloads and inequitable wages remain unaddressed by their employers.

2 Nov 2015 : Catholic employees to stop work again as employers fail their staff and their schools

Despite seven months of negotiations and a growing community campaign by members, Queensland Catholic employing authorities have again failed to show they care about employees’ key issues at this week’s SBU meeting.

15 Oct 2015 : Sign the 3Rs petition!

Sign our petition and make sure Queensland Catholic school employers learn the 3Rs: RECOGNISE, RESPECT, REWARD.

15 Oct 2015 : Catholic school employees to take 2 hour stop work next week

Employees will take further protected action next week after Queensland Catholic employing authorities again rejected key claims of employees regarding workload and comparable wages at this week’s SBU meetings.

12 Oct 2015 : Employer advice on protected action shows they just don’t care

Queensland Catholic employing authorities have again shown they do not care about their employees’ legitimate concerns. In a vain attempt to dissuade employees taking protected action inaccurate advice is being circulated by employing authorities regardin…

8 Oct 2015 : Do Queensland Catholic employing authorities care?

Next week’s SBUs an opportunity to address employees’ concerns.

6 Oct 2015 : Catholic employers just don’t care about employees’ concerns

Catholic employing authorities have demonstrated little care so far for the very real concerns employees have regarding workload and their wage levels.

15 Sep 2015 : QLD Catholic school employees stop work this week

Over 6,300 Catholic school union members in 173 schools across Queensland are authorised to commence protected industrial action this week including stop work action this Wednesday 16 September and Thursday 17 September.

3 Sep 2015 : Employers acknowledge wage disparity but choose to ignore it

Queensland teachers currently receive $6,792 p.a. less than their NSW counterparts at the top automatic incremental step.

28 Aug 2015 : 3Rs campaign goes on the road!

We've taken the 3Rs campaign on the road with our campaign coffee breaks.

27 Aug 2015 : 'I Voted': chapters get the vote out

Queensland Catholic employing authorities have rejected key aspects of the employee claim and have consistently failed to RECOGNISE, RESPECT and REWARD Queensland Catholic school employees.

18 Aug 2015 : Churlish briefing reflects poorly on Catholic employers

Catholic employing authorities have set out the inadequate and hypocritical nature of their positions in collective bargaining in their most recent briefing.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.