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7 Jun 2018 : QLD specific HAT and Lead Teacher certification process intensive

Teachers applying for Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) and Lead Teacher will face intensive process for certification.

30 Aug 2016 : Catholic Schools agreements Approved by FWC

Approval of the agreements means the implementation of the provisions of the new agreements can occur.

10 Aug 2016 : Catholic employers organise backpayment as agreements are sent to FWC for approval

The FWC approval process does not impact the employing authorities’ undertaking to make wage increases and back payments following a successful ballot.

1 Aug 2016 : Proposed agreements endorsed by Queensland Catholic School employees

The proposed collective bargaining agreements have been endorsed at ballot by Queensland Catholic sector employees in Diocesan and Religious Institute schools.

29 Jul 2016 : $101k Catholic classroom teacher salary sets benchmark for state

The achievement by members of a $101,000 salary for top automatic step classroom teacher in the Queensland Catholic sector has set a new benchmark for the remuneration of teachers across the sector and the state.

18 Jul 2016 : Collective action results in significant outcomes for QLD Catholic school employees

The ongoing and concerted collective action by members over the past 15 months has meant we have been able to achieve negotiated outcomes which recognise, respect and reward the contribution of employees to quality education in Queensland Catholic schools…

16 Jun 2016 : Salary for Queensland Catholic sector classroom teachers set to reach $100k+

Outcomes from the Fair Work Commission’s New Approaches process would see the top automatic step for teachers in Queensland Catholic schools exceed $100,000 for teachers who have spent two years at the Experienced 5 classification.

9 May 2016 : FWC convenes 9 days of negotiation between employee and employer representatives

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has scheduled nine days of facilitated negotiations following discussions in the FWC between employer and employee representatives.

28 Apr 2016 : Catholic school employers agree to further FWC meeting but attempt to set “conditions”

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has been assisting the parties through an alternate bargaining process “New Approaches Program” but regrettably the current employer position has prevented this from occurring.

21 Apr 2016 : Queensland Catholic school employers’ true disregard for employees’ concerns exposed

Queensland Catholic employing authorities have once again exposed their disregard for employees’ legitimate concerns with their decision today to withdraw from the Fair Work Commission (FWC) alternate bargaining process.

12 Apr 2016 : Catholic employers have opportunity to resolve negotiations; further 'assisted discussion' scheduled by FWC

Employer and employee representatives have agreed to a Fair Work Commission (FWC) offer to reconvene the facilitated discussion on 28 April in a further attempt to resolve negotiations for a replacement collective agreement.

24 Mar 2016 : Catholic school staff call for donation of lost pay to Fiji cyclone relief

Teachers and school support staff across Mackay are calling on their employers to donate withheld wages, from recent stop work action, to ongoing relief work by Caritas in Fiji in the wake of Cyclone Winston.

21 Mar 2016 : Members maintain campaign to support quality education

Chapters in Queensland Catholic schools have now met across the state taking further action to support high quality Catholic education.

14 Mar 2016 : Employees share a concern with parents for quality Catholic education

Catholic employing authorities are failing to protect quality Catholic education while they continue to deny employees the time to do their job well, deny teachers professional rates of pay in line with their interstate colleagues, and deny community stan…

9 Mar 2016 : Employers have no plan to resolve negotiations - community campaign underway

Queensland Catholic employers made it clear they have no plan to resolve these negotiations following a further SBU meeting.

7 Mar 2016 : Members share a concern with parents to protect quality education in Queensland Catholic schools

Members – teachers, school officers and services staff – share a concern with parents to protect quality education in Queensland Catholic schools.

25 Feb 2016 : Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff resolve to continue community campaign as thousands attend mass meetings across the state

Over 8,500 Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff from 242 school sites were authorised to take strike action today, with thousands taking part in mass member rallies across the state as they continue their campaign to protect quality educa…

24 Feb 2016 : An open letter to the Queensland community

Read our open letter to the Queensland community regarding strike action in Queensland Catholic schools, which was published in the Sunday-Mail on 21 February.

16 Feb 2016 : Thousands of Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff set for full day strike and rally next week

Over 8500 Catholic school union members across 242 school sites are authorised to stop work next Thursday 25 February with the majority set to take full day strike action as concerns regarding increasing workloads and inequitable wages remain unaddressed …

11 Feb 2016 : Members in Queensland Catholic schools overwhelmingly vote to escalate campaign

Queensland Catholic school employees have overwhelmingly voted to escalate their campaign by endorsing the latest protected action ballot.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.