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Pages with topic "Workplace Health and Safety"

29 Jul 2016 : Teacher diagnosed with cancer after classroom asbestos exposure

Lawyers for a retired Queensland teacher recently diagnosed with cancer resulting from asbestos exposure in a classroom almost 40 years ago say the case is not an isolated one.

29 Jul 2016 : Recent bullying case highlights prevalence in the workplace

A recent case involving the bullying of a long-serving teacher by their principal at a Melbourne Catholic school has yet again highlighted the ongoing prevalence of this insidious issue in the workplace.

9 May 2016 : New study reveals key sources of teacher stress

Increasing workloads, administrative tasks and managing parental and student expectations revealed as leading causes of stress for Queensland teachers.

5 May 2016 : Rating website leaves teachers vulnerable to cyber bullying

A website that allows students to anonymously ‘rate’ and ‘comment’ on the performance of their teachers has left staff open to cruel and potentially defamatory critique.

14 Apr 2016 : Increasing number of Australians killed at work

The Federal Government remains determined to diminish worker safety across major Australian industries with the re-establish of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) despite more Australians being killed at work last year than in 2014…

3 Mar 2016 : Unions condemn attempt to reduce worker safety

A recent attempt by the state opposition to reintroduce laws which would undermine current workplace health and safety entitlements has been rejected by unions and state parliament alike.

29 Oct 2015 : Three Australians lost their lives at work every week this year

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has called for greater vigilance on workplace safety following reports that 126 workplace deaths had occurred in Australian so far this year—equating to three worker deaths every week.

16 Jul 2015 : Winch signs pose danger in schoolyard

Winch signs are a common sight in many school yards across the country, with their colourful and interchangeable lettering announcing the latest school happenings. However, Worksafe QLD warns these signs can pose a hidden danger to the safety of students …

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.