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Pages with topic "Rally"

1 Mar 2016 : Union and community campaign helps baby Asha stay

The united efforts of IEUA-QNT members in solidarity with other unions and the wider community has ensured a small victory for baby Asha – a 12-month-old girl who was receiving medical treatment in Australia for burns sustained in a Nauru detention centre…

16 Feb 2016 : Thousands of Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff set for full day strike and rally next week

Over 8500 Catholic school union members across 242 school sites are authorised to stop work next Thursday 25 February with the majority set to take full day strike action as concerns regarding increasing workloads and inequitable wages remain unaddressed …

15 Feb 2016 : Rally in support of Baby Asha

Our union has joined the campaign in support of Baby Asha. Asha, just 12 months old, is being treated for accidental burns she received while learning to walk in a detention centre on Nauru last week. Asha and her parents are at risk of being returned to …

3 Jun 2015 : Join fight to save Paid Parental Leave

Help put a stop to these cuts by signing the Save Paid Parental Leave petition and send a strong message to the federal government.