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23 Feb 2018 : Independent body would limit politics in the classroom

A proposed independent education institute to limit the influence of politics inside Australian classrooms has been welcomed by our union as a step in the right direction.

26 Oct 2017 : Collective action results in $101k salaries in the Christian sector

The collective action of IEUA-QNT members at Bundaberg and Glasshouse Christian Colleges has resulted in teaching staff at those schools now having access to the same salaries as their counterparts in the Catholic and state school systems.

24 Oct 2017 : Celebrate World Teachers’ Day: Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers

On Friday, 27 October 2017, IEUA-QNT members will celebrate World Teachers’ Day and take the opportunity to recognise that teaching is fundamentally about making high quality professional judgements in the interests of children and their wellbeing.

24 Oct 2017 : Asia-Pacific unions gather to address regional challenges

Our union recently joined with unions from across the Asia-Pacific region at the Education International (EI) Asia-Pacific Regional Conference held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 10-12 October.

2 Jun 2017 : Yale seeks to deny graduate teachers right to unionise

Four months after voting to form a union in order to create a better workplace, graduate teachers from Yale university in the United States continued to be denied the right to do so with the university’s administration refusing to negotiate with them.

24 Feb 2017 : Union advice highlights Long Service Leave entitlement for members on rolling contracts

A recent case involving incorrect employer advice regarding access to Long Service Leave (LSL) for those employed on a fixed-term contract basis has highlighted the need for members to contact their union for advice in the first instance.

23 Feb 2017 : New provisions helping members protect their PPCT

Having secured new provisions to protect planning, preparation and correction time (PPCT) in their latest collective agreement, members in Queensland Catholic Chapters are now actively ensuring these provisions are operating effectively in their schools.

22 Feb 2017 : Supervising pre-service teachers: then and now

The role of a supervising teacher is undergoing significant change, with new demands at state and federal levels.

21 Feb 2017 : PISA: Australian students performing above standards

Australia’s performance in the OECD’s Program for International Assessment (PISA) has seen average student scores decrease since the test was first administered in 2000. While some may conclude that Australia’s education system is in decline, this is n…

10 Jan 2017 : What’s the problem with data walls?

The introduction of data display walls in schools is creating member concern about student privacy and teacher workload.

13 Dec 2016 : Collective agreements must protect preparation and correcting time

The ever expanding roles and duties required of school staff have reached critical levels.

25 Oct 2016 : Celebrating World Teachers' Day 2016

On Friday, 28 October 2016, IEUA-QNT members will join celebrations recognising the contribution of teachers on World Teachers’ Day. This year's theme is “Valuing teachers, Improving their status”.

30 Aug 2016 : Project to provide pre-service teacher supervision consistency

Supervising pre-service teachers can place additional administrative and workload responsibilities on teachers, making them reluctant to take on a mentoring role.

16 Aug 2016 : Queensland Senior Syllabus shake-up

A new system of senior assessment and tertiary entrance for Queensland schools to begin with students entering Year 11 in 2018 has significant implications for the work of senior secondary teachers.

16 Aug 2016 : QCT marks disciplinary changes for teachers amidst Act amendment

Changes to teacher disciplinary procedures and its appeals processes are amongst new amendments to the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005.

16 Aug 2016 : Standardisation of pre-service teacher supervision

Supervising pre-service teachers can place additional administrative and workload responsibilities on teachers, making them reluctant to take on a mentoring role.

1 Aug 2016 : Three golden rules for teachers claiming work-related expenses

When claiming your work-related expenses at tax time, it's important to remember these three golden rules.

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