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15 Sep 2020 : Member action makes Lutheran Education Queensland withdraw cuts

IEU member action in Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) schools has made the employer back down from their flawed proposed agreement and brought them back to the negotiating table, where last week they withdrew a number of their proposed cuts to current …

31 Jul 2020 : Queensland Lutheran school staff vote no to employer’s planned cuts to current working conditions

Teachers and school support staff employed in Queensland Lutheran schools have voted no to a substandard agreement proposed by their employer, Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ).

21 Jul 2020 : Queensland Lutheran school already slashing PAR positions

A Queensland Lutheran school is already looking to cut Position of Added Responsibility (PAR) positions, in a restructure that highlights the cuts and controls evident in the employer agreement which hasn’t yet gone to ballot.

15 Jul 2020 : Queensland Lutheran Kindergarten member action secures some of the highest wages in the sector

Teachers and assistants employed by Queensland Lutheran Early Childhood Services (QLECS) Sessional Kindergartens will be paid more than most of their sector counterparts under their new collective agreement.

15 Jul 2020 : Parents warned of threat to quality education from LEQ cuts

For the first time in the history of Queensland Lutheran collective bargaining, our union has written to the Parents & Friends’ of each Queensland Lutheran school to alert them to the significant threats to quality education posed by Lutheran Education Qu…

1 Jul 2020 : LEQ’s draft agreement confirms cuts

Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) has now provided a copy of their draft agreement to our union which confirms its plan of, cuts, controls and constraints to employee working conditions.

25 Jun 2020 : Cuts by Lutheran Education Queensland put future education of 18k+ students at risk

Planned cuts by Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) to working conditions of the staff in its 26 schools will put quality education for 18k+ students at risk.

18 Jun 2020 : Lutheran Education Queensland intent on cutting current conditions

Teachers and school support staff working in Queensland Lutheran schools would see current conditions cut under the biggest attack on working rights seen in their sector.

10 Jun 2020 : Lutheran Education Queensland stop negotiations, insist on balloting agreement aimed at cutting conditions

Teachers and school support staff working in Queensland Lutheran schools would see current working conditions cut under a new agreement being proposed by the employer.

14 May 2020 : Catholic, Lutheran and PMSA schools – collective bargaining needed more than ever

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 in schools, our union remains committed to developing new and updated collective agreements.

3 Mar 2020 : Major attack on QLD Lutheran employee working conditions

After five meetings of the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU), Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) are still maintaining an agenda to cut, constrain and control working conditions.

27 Nov 2019 : Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) confirm agenda to cut key working conditions

Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) has confirmed its plan to cut, control and constrain employees’ working conditions in the new collective agreement.

14 Nov 2019 : Lutheran Education Queensland remain intent to cut, control and constrain

Following a third collective bargaining meeting, it is clear that Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) remains intent on pursuing an agenda to strip conditions from the current Queensland Lutheran Schools Collective Agreement.

24 Oct 2019 : Queensland Lutheran employers seek to cut conditions

Members in Queensland Lutheran schools would face cuts to their current working conditions under a claim tabled by their employer during current collective bargaining negotiations.

26 Oct 2016 : QLD Lutheran members secure enhanced wages and PPCT provisions

Experienced teachers’ salaries will receive a significant boost under a new collective agreement currently at ballot with Queensland Lutheran school employees.

29 Jul 2016 : Lutheran employers fail to consult on school closure

Members and students at Stephens Lutheran College in Gladstone face uncertainty after the recent announcement by Lutheran employers that the school will close at the end of the year.

25 May 2016 : Lutheran employer fails to address inequitable workloads and wages

As collective bargaining negotiations continue, Queensland Lutheran school employees have rejected their employer’s “insulting” 2.2% wage offer which would leave employees the lowest paid in the Australian Lutheran sector.

5 May 2016 : Queensland Lutheran school employees would be lowest paid in the country under employer wage offer

Queensland Lutheran school employers have responded to members’ claim for comparable wages with their colleagues in South Australian Lutheran schools by making an inadequate wage offer of 2.2% per annum.

1 Apr 2015 : Leading Teacher 3 classification under development in Lutheran Schools

A new Leading Teacher 3 classification to recognise and reward teachers is being developed in Queensland Lutheran Schools. Our union will begin consultation with members about how the classification should be structured in Term 2.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.