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Home > News > Professional Issues > Professional Issues Volume 17 > Prac payments under negotiation

Prac payments under negotiation

collective_chapter.jpgIssue Snapshot

  • Queensland universities have tabled payment rates for practicum supervision which are now subject to joint consideration with our union and the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU). 
  • Our union rejects the notion universities cannot afford to increase rates of pay unless they decrease administration costs. 
  • For a standard placement, universities receive $46.45 per placement per day and while payment varies across sectors, many teachers receive just $12.45 per day.

Payment rates tabled

The Australian Higher Education Industrial Association (AHEIA) - the body representing Queensland universities - have tabled payment rates for practicum supervision which are now subject to joint consideration with our union and the QTU.  

The universities which place pre-service teachers in Queensland schools receive $929 per student per year for the specific purpose of organising and running the practicum.

For a 20 day or four-week placement (standard in Master of Teaching) this amounts to $46.45 per day. 

Our union is claiming $31 per day, leaving $15 for other costs such as administration.  

Current payment rates are untenable 

Universities need teachers to supervise pre-service students and only came to the negotiation table following the threat of a ban on supervisions. 

The base payment for supervision of pre-service teachers has not been updated in any sector since 1996 and varies across sectors but for many teachers is just $12.45 per day. 

This is despite increases in expectations and the workload associated with pre-service teacher supervisions.

AHEIA pushing for change to payment process 

The AHEIA are pushing for a “uniquely Queensland solution” that would change the way payments are made.

The AHEIA claims that to afford an increase in practicum pay rates, they need to decrease administration costs; however, our union has concerns over the implications of their proposal to achieve this. 

They also initially claimed that universities could not table rates of pay until employers agreed to take on administration of payments. 

Our union rejected this claim on the basis the two issues were independent of each other and called on the AHEIA to table rates so members could make informed decisions about whether or not to engage in practicum supervisions. 

After joint pressure from our union and the QTU, AHEIA have since tabled payment rates for consideration and our two unions will be meeting with them on 14 November to discuss further.  

Members will be updated to the progress of that meeting.  

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.