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Home > News > 2020 > June > Agreements endorsed in QLD Catholic school ballots

Agreements endorsed in QLD Catholic school ballots

BWOV_slider.pngNew collective agreements for Queensland Catholic schools have been endorsed at ballot, with the agreements to provide immediate backpay to staff.

The onus is now on employers to action all enhancements contained in the new agreements.

Endorsement rates in the employer ballot: 

Diocesan Schools
94.7% employees accepting (7186 ‘Yes’ votes to 402 ‘No’ votes)
Total votes cast: 7588 out of a possible 19,144.

Religious Institute  
93.3% employees accepting (2652 ‘Yes’ votes to 192 ‘No’ votes)
Total votes cast: 2844 out of a possible 4709.

Members are to be commended for their collective efforts that were essential to deliver the new agreements. Your action secured outcomes that are vastly improved compared to the original employer offers.

While the agreements contain a number of enhancements that will now flow to school staff, the employers should take little comfort from the ballot results if they believe other unresolved member concerns will now simply go away.

Payment of wage increases and backpay

The employers committed to make the wage increases and 2019 backpay after a successful ballot. This commitment must now become a reality.
We have already waited long enough.
The timing of these payments may vary between different Catholic school employers; however, its essential that this year’s well deserved pay outcomes are processed as soon as possible.

Full implementation of all provisions must be enforced

The agreements will now be submitted to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for formal approval and will commence their legal operation seven days after they are approved by the FWC.

While some agreement outcomes such as wage increases, new leadership salaries and backpay are immediate, other provisions will require continued member action if we are to fully realise these member wins:
  • School Officer Classification Review: this critical update to school officer pay levels and classifications will commence in the new term.
  • Insecure fixed-term contracts: new limits on fixed-term contracts must be implemented and vigorously enforced in schools.
  • Genuine employee consultation: new employee forums to discuss workload and workplace change must provide meaningful outcomes.
  • Students with identified learning needs: employees desperately need more support and resources to deal with growing workload demands.

Additional member resources and materials will be provided to support the implementation of these and other new initiatives in Term 3.

Employers placed on notice - unresolved issues cannot be ignored

The continued rejection of many other member issues – particularly those relating to workload – will not be forgotten by employees.

Primary school leadership roles, instrumental music instructors and school counsellors are just some of the employee categories that remain largely ignored in the new employer agreements. 

The employers have been placed on notice - we will continue to campaign and take action to address overdue concerns in our schools.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.