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Home > News > 2020 > July > PMSA members unite to enhance working conditions

PMSA members unite to enhance working conditions

Workers_web_qual.pngMembers of our union employed in PMSA schools are uniting as a collective to enhance their working conditions and ensure their employer shows recognition and respect for their hard work.

IEUA-QNT Industrial Services Coordinator Chris Seymour said the success of the upcoming bargaining negotiations with PMSA employer would depend on a strong union voice in PMSA schools and active member involvement.

“There are three major things PMSA members can do to readily ensure we continue to grow as an effective union to protect and enhance our rights at work,” Chris said.

“They can encourage more of their colleagues to join our union, be educated about the issues affecting our workplaces and continue to build a sense of collective action and culture by supporting their colleagues around issues of concern.”

Key issues 

The key issues detailed in the PMSA eEmployee Log of Claims are based on our union’s extensive consultation and feedback from members and fall under three main categories: industrial, professional and family-friendly issues.

Chris said increasing workloads and a lack of commensurate time commitment to meet employer expectations has eroded the work/life balance of members, so members want strengthened provisions to address the impact of this issue.

“Additionally, members want appropriate recognition for experienced teacher colleagues through nationally accredited HAT and LT classifications to reward highly accomplished and lead teachers for their outstanding commitment to the profession,” Chris said.

“The matter of PARs (positions of added responsibility) and issues regarding substantive salary verses classification as well as allowance and appropriate remuneration will remain a priority consideration during this round of bargaining.

“School officer members are seeking an overhaul of outdated classification and remuneration provisions in the current agreement, with a need for an updated schedule that recognises the complexities of modern schooling.

“Furthermore, insecure work practices in PMSA schools are problematic and the issue is of great concern to members, who want confirmation of job security for teachers and school officers from their employer,” Chris said.

PMSA Chapters are at the stage of meeting to review and endorse the final draft of the employee log of claims, with feedback due Monday, 20 July 2020.

Members can view the full Employee Log of Claims for further information on matters for consideration ahead of bargaining.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.