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Home > News > 2020 > February > Union support sees nearly $25k in backpay for school officer

Union support sees nearly $25k in backpay for school officer

Money_zoom_web_qual.pngAn IEUA-QNT member who contacted our union for support regarding their classification has recently received nearly $25,000 in backpay after receiving union advice. 

Our member contacted our union in late 2019 with a query regarding their classification as they had noticed their classification had not changed from Step 1 of the same level since 2015, even though the member had worked full-time every year since then.

Our member had discussed this with their employer earlier that year but was told the employer was not required to increase our members wage or classification level, so our member contacted our Industrial Team for advice.

IEUA-QNT Industrial Services Officer Michael Featherstone reviewed the matter for our member and determined our member was provided with incorrect advice from their employer and was being underpaid. 

“The collective agreement that applied to our member’s employment had two clauses that specified the member should have been progressing through their classification levels,” Michael said. 

“The first clause detailed that ‘where there is more than one minimum pay point for a classification level an employee will be eligible for movement to the next highest pay point within the classification level after the completion of 1976 hours of duty’ (which is one full-time year – 52 weeks at 38 hours per week).

“The second clause indicated that ‘movement to the next pay point within a classification level will occur unless a review implemented by the school demonstrates that performance against the relevant classification descriptors has not been satisfactory.’

“As our member had been working full-time and had not undergone a review into their work performance, they should have been progressing through the steps of their classification level each year, placing them at Step 3 at the time the matter was being investigated.

Making a difference for our members

Once our union’s investigation into the matter was complete and we had determined our member was being underpaid, we assisted our member in drafting a request to their employer for back pay and to be moved to the correct classification. 

“Our union drafted correspondence for our member to send to their employer requesting to be increased to the correct classification level as well as receive back pay for the three years they were underpaid,” Michael said. 

“Our member’s employer responded promptly confirming they had underpaid our member and confirming a back payment of nearly $25,000 would be made to our member in their next pay cycle, as well as confirmation they would be moved to the correct classification.”

Our expert team of Industrial Officers are here to help members when they need it most and we encourage members who are concerned about their contracts to contact our union on FREECALL 1800 177 937 or industrial@qieu.asn.au

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.