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Home > News > 2019 > October > Queensland Lutheran employers seek to cut conditions

Queensland Lutheran employers seek to cut conditions

Tear_up_web.jpgMembers in Queensland Lutheran schools would face cuts to their current working conditions under a claim tabled by their employer during current collective bargaining negotiations.

After two bargaining meetings, the employer appears intent on pursuing an agenda to strip conditions from the current Queensland Lutheran Schools Collective Agreement.

This is the most significant attack on the working conditions of Queensland Lutheran employees seen in decades.

Under the employer claim, key provisions dealing with hours of duty and work intensification would be threatened.

Provisions in the agreement seeking to protect employees’ rights to natural justice and procedural fairness would also be cut.

Even though the date for the 2019 wage increase was 1 July 2019, the employer has also, so far, failed to table a wage offer.

Conditions at risk

IEUA-QNT Industrial Services Coordinator Chris Seymour said Lutheran employer representatives were seeking to remove whole sections from the current collective agreement which deal with process and procedural fairness, as well as targeting key aspects of the agreement that deal with hours of duty and work intensification.

“The annexures employers are looking to remove were painstakingly negotiated over many agreements to provide employees with procedural fairness and natural justice in situations that could result in termination of employment,” Chris said.

“The removal of these sections has the potential to significantly diminish the working conditions of employees in Lutheran schools.

“The employer claim to cut conditions signals a new direction for Lutheran Education Queensland as the employer and is of serious concerns to all members working in the 26 Lutheran schools across the state,” Chris said.

Employee vigilance needed

It’s critical that IEU members in Queensland Lutheran schools invite their colleagues to join our union, attend Chapter meetings and visit www.qieu.asn.au/lutheran for the latest news on the employer attempt to cut conditions.

“Strong and active union membership is fundamental to bargaining strength and our ability to address member issues and protect and enhance the working conditions of employees in Lutheran schools,” Chris said.

Some of the key areas the employer is seeking to remove:
  • Annexure B Formal Review of Unsatisfactory Performance;
  • Annexure C Serious Misconduct and Summary Dismissal;
  • Annexure D Complaints Handing Policy and Procedures;
  • Schedule 8 and Schedule 9 Site variations to the Working Arrangements for Teachers; and
  • All the Annexures E to L of the current Agreement which reference the old Award provisions for Queensland employees.
Some of the key areas the employer is seeking to renegotiate:
  • Schedule 7 Working Arrangements for Teachers to create more flexibility and discretion for principals in Lutheran schools;
  • Positions of added responsibility with the aim of increasing flexibility; and
  • The working conditions of employees in Outdoor Education Centres.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.