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Home > News > 2019 > October > 2019-20 Mentoring Program for early career teachers

2019-20 Mentoring Program for early career teachers

Topics : Beginning EducatorsBEnet

Conversation_WEB.jpgLast week, we launched our 2019/20 Mentoring Program by welcoming a group of experienced teacher mentors for two days of training at our Brisbane Office.


The training equipped mentors with the skills and knowledge needed to guide mentees.


Our mentoring program pairs teachers in the first five years of their career with mentors who have had over five years’ experience teaching.


This is the second year the program has run and aims to set a benchmark for quality mentoring by creating a network of members with an active interest in accessing and providing quality mentoring experiences.


Can I access mentoring programs in my school?


Our union has won provisions for graduate teachers to access employer-delivered mentoring programs in collective agreements across the Northern Territory and Queensland.


For example, in the Queensland Catholic sector collective agreements for both Diocesan and Religious Institute schools, mentor programmes are provided to a graduate teacher for a minimum period of their first 12 months of teaching.


Many schools have implemented mentoring programmes as a strategy to combat attrition and to better support beginning teachers.


However, formal mentoring programmes in schools may leave little to no time for mentors and mentees to fully engage in the process and can often be conflated with induction processes.


This is why our union launched our own mentoring program with specialised training for mentors, so they can provide quality feedback and guidance to early career members.


Should I consider joining our union program?


Our union mentoring program is currently available to members in South-East Queensland and adds a further layer of access to quality mentoring for our members.


Quality mentoring partnerships are some of the most important support networks for early career teachersproviding opportunity for feedback, growth and development.


Successful mentoring comes with a range of benefits including:

  • Orientating mentees with procedures regarding school policy and expectations;
  • Providing support to prevent new teachers from feeling alone and isolated;
  • Guiding mentees through professional practices; and
  • Providing access to a network of teachers and inclusion as part of the school team community.
  • Our program matches mentors and mentees through survey responses; mentors are provided with training on best-practice methods to support early career teachers through the varied professional issues they face.

Mentors and mentees meet once per term throughout the year at our union offices.


If you are interested in the next round of our mentoring program, contact IEUA-QNT Research Officer Adele Schmidt on ashmidt@qieu.asn.au or (07) 3839 7020. 

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.