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Home > News > 2019 > May > How valued is your leadership role?

How valued is your leadership role?

image.pngLongstanding deficiencies with middle and senior leader arrangements will be a priority to resolve in the current Queensland Catholic school negotiations, as Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes reports.

This is just one of many messages received from middle and senior leaders during the recent collective bargaining consultation process in Queensland Catholic schools.

Time is up and the employers need to urgently answer our simple questions:

  1. When will we have salaries that recognise the extraordinary contribution of middle and senior leaders in our schools?
  2. Will the employers reaffirm their commitment to match the middle leader resource levels in state schools that look set to increase?
  3. How are our school leaders expected to deal with work demands that are out of control and well in excess of allocated release time?

The current collective negotiations are our chance to finally get some answers and make a real difference for middle and senior leaders.

If the employers can’t answer, we will

Middle and senior leaders have waited long enough for their issues to be taken seriously by employers.

Members have identified and endorsed commonsense solutions to ensure that leadership positions remain viable and attractive career options:

  • Middle leader salary levels must be increased.
  • Senior leader career structures and pay steps must be enhanced.
  • Unpaid and unregulated primary leadership roles must be formalised.
  • Valuable leadership release time must be protected and replaced.
  • Substantive salaries are needed for all senior leaders regardless of school size.
  • Full details of our plan for updated leadership structures are available at www.qieu.asn.au/campaign-updates

Are our middle and senior leaders ready to win?

We know that winning real enhancements for leadership positions will be hard work.

We need all middle and senior leader members to play an active role in our campaign to support the negotiations.

Talk to your member and non-member colleagues about our plan to address these issues.

Invite non-members to join our union and our campaign.

Invite members to sign up to our Member Advisory Panel for middle and senior leaders.

Our schools cannot operate without dedicated and committed leaders.

Let’s make sure the new agreement actually reflects this reality.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.