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Home > News > 2019 > December > Union win: prac payments to match NSW rates

Union win: prac payments to match NSW rates

prac_payment_win.pngOur union, in collaboration with the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU), has been in negotiations with Queensland universities to increase the rate of pay for teachers who supervise pre-service teachers. 

Queensland universities have agreed to increase the rate of pay to match, in 2021, the rate that is paid in New South Wales. 

Given that the universities only agreed to open negotiations when members committed to refuse supervision of pre-service teachers, this is a significant victory for our union. 

Member action brought universities to the table

The base payment for the supervision of pre-service teachers has not been updated in any sector since 1996, despite increases in expectations and workload associated with supervision of pre-service teachers. 

In light of the universities’ repeated refusals to meet with our union to negotiate a contemporary instrument, we recently issued advice to members that they should consider declining practicum supervision until such time as negotiations were underway. 

Subsequently, we received correspondence from the universities which indicated that they were willing to meet and hence, our union recommended to members that they suspend their action until further notice. 

Extant agreements have included reference to payments as low as $12.45 per day up to a maximum of $21.84 per day. 

In the absence of a current agreement, most universities have paid a rate of $21.05 per day. 

The new ‘in principle’ agreement will see this rate rise to $30 per day in 2020 and $34 per day from 2021.

The 2021 rate matches a recent agreement in New South Wales. 

Contemporary rates reflect quality supervision roles

Supervision of pre-service teachers is a complex undertaking and one that has intensified with the introduction of the new initial teacher education accreditation processes and the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment. 

The rate of payment is symbolic of the value placed on the work performed by supervising teachers. 

Our union, together with the QTU, sought a rate of payment which better reflected the value of the work performed by supervising teachers.

Members should be commended for their collective action which compelled the universities to meet with union representatives and negotiate a contemporary rate of payment for practicum supervision.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.