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Home > News > 2019 > April > The only way to Change The Rules is to change the government

The only way to Change The Rules is to change the government

IEUA-QNT members know the rules need to change.

With the federal election imminent, members will soon have the opportunity to make these critical changes a realityby voting to change the government.


Inequality is at a 70-year high in Australia.

The insidious spread of insecure work is stealing the future from us.

One set of rules for employers and one for employees.

The threat of having your hard fought working conditions stripped back to the Award.

Employers who simply refuse to bargain.

The continued wage and superannuation inequity facing women in Australia.

These are just some of the ways in which the rules are broken in this country and why, as IEUA-QNT members, we need to take action to Change The Rules, according to IEUA-QNT Branch Secretary Terry Burke.

“Not since the oppressive industrial laws imposed by the Howard LNP government in the mid-2000s have IEUA-QNT members, along with workers across the country, faced such a threat to their future professional and personal lives.

“IEUA-QNT members have the chance to change that future.

“To change the legacy of what we leave for the next generation and be part of ensuring a fair future for all Australians.

“That future can only come by ensuring we Change The Rules and in order to do so, the first step is to change the government at the next federal election,” Mr Burke said.

“Regardless of your political views, our working lives are at risk and the current Morrison LNP government has no plan or desire for that to change.

“Other political parties do, and so there is a choice to be made at this election.

“If the current federal government will not Change The Rules, then we need to change the federal government.” Mr Burke said.

Why we need to Change The Rules 

We need to Change The Rules to stop the spread of insecure work

Australia has one of the highest rates of insecure work in the world.

Far too many of IEUA-QNT members are employed on either ongoing fixed-term contracts or in casual insecure work.

The impact this has on their ability to plan for both the professional and personal lives are immense – we can change this but only if we Change The Rules.

We need to Change The Rules because bargaining is broken

Our right to take industrial action in pursuit of our concerns as employees is severely restricted by onerous ballot requirements and unworkable notice periods.

When it comes to the bargaining table, employers know they have more power than ever and will use this to delay and prolong negotiations as long as possible if it suits them.

We also need the right to negotiate with the real decision makers and the ability to go to the Fair Work Commission to settle lengthy disputes as the independent umpire.

We need to Change The Rules to ensure fairness across sectors

Members need the freedom to bargain across a sector.

This is especially so in sectors like Early Childhood Education where hundreds of collective agreements currently exist.

Sector wide bargaining would ensure fairness and great equity for all workers in such sectors.

We need to Change The Rules for working women

With women making up the majority of IEUA-QNT members, we know firsthand the impacts of Australia’s broken rules and how this is leading to growing inequality.

Women are more likely to be in insecure work and do far more work raising a family or caring for others, yet on average, in Australia, they earn 15% less than men and retire with 47% less superannuation.

It’s time to close the gender pay gap and we can only do so by changing the rules.

We need to Change the Rules to stop employers using broken laws against us

Across Australia and in our very own sector, we have seen real examples of employers threating to terminate collective agreements and take employees back to the bare minimum of Award conditions simply because they can.

This is one of the most insidious ways in which the rules are broken.

We need to shut the legal loophole that’s let hard fought and won working conditions and wages be so easily taken from employees.

We need to Change The Rules for future generations

We have a wages crisis in this country.

For many, wages are going backwards while big business posts record profits.

The current federal government has told workers to wait for pay rises to trickle down from their employers while voting eight times to cut penalty rates and ignoring rampant wage theft.

Changing the rules means restoring and protecting penalty rates, making it easier for all workers to win fair pay rises and have a living wage, and introducing big penalties for wage theft.


Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.