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Home > News > 2018 > November > Outstanding efforts of IEU members recognised

Outstanding efforts of IEU members recognised

The contributions to our collective by members across Queensland and the Northern Territory have been recognised at this year’s IEUA-QNT Excellence Awards. 

The ceremony, held on 2 November, saw a number of committed and passionate members receive awards in recognition of the work they do in advocating for our profession and in strengthening our union. 

JP.jpgNN.jpgLegacies honoured with Life Membership

John Peet and Norma Nicholson have received Life Membership in recognition of their efforts in paving the way for change in our union’s history. 

John was an integral part of the movement that asserted the importance of union in Queensland Catholic schools. His colleagues could always rely on him to do the right thing by his Chapter. He empowered his St Edmund's Chapter, time and time again, to stand together to strengthen their collective responses to employer actions. His contribution in solidifying our union’s presence in Catholic schools is deeply appreciated by all. 

Norma’s work on our union’s governing council and the Working Rights for Women Committee was groundbreaking. Norma consistently championed the rights of women and girls, advocating for equity in all that she did. Underpinning Norma’s work was the notion that women should have a say ­— in their working lives and in their personal lives. Norma’s contribution ensures that our union’s fight for equity is able to continue solidly and with conviction.   


IMG_8435.jpgJudith Cooper Award
Louise Lenzo
The Essington School

With 23 years of teaching experience in the Northern Territory, Louise’s position on our union’s governing body as a Branch Executive member has been integral to consistently highlighting issues distinct to Northern Territory members. Her efforts to achieve social justice include her involvement as the Women’s Officer of UnionsNT, organising the International Women’s Day 2018 conference held in Darwin, her collaboration with her colleagues in the AEU to hold Women’s Rights at Work chats with school staff, her active advocacy of the Girls’ Uniform Agenda, and her ongoing work as the convenor of our union’s Equity Committee. On a Chapter level, Louise’s innate ability to listen to, and support, her colleagues has solidified her position as a trusted and respected member of her school and her union. 

IMG_7314.jpgElizabeth McCall Award
Catherine Vero
Carinity Education Southside

During the ongoing negotiations for a replacement collective agreement for Carinity Education, SBU representative Catherine has always advocated for fairness. Catherine’s action is driven by a belief that students have a right to quality education, delivered by quality teachers and trainers whose wages and conditions are at an appropriate level.  Catherine has often been the voice of the collective during stop work meetings and rallies. She has advocated especially for women who are often disadvantaged at retirement and has promoted the importance of protecting superannuation entitlements.  Through Catherine’s action, she has shown a deep commitment to her students, to her peers, and to her profession. 


Meegan.jpgJohn (Max) McDermott Award — Union Activist
Meegan McLoughlin
Clayfield College

Meegan has been a dedicated activist in the Clayfield College Chapter for a number of years.  She has taken on the role of Staff Representative, Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) representative and Chapter representative on the School Consultative Committee. Meegan has been steadfast in her advocacy for the rights of her colleagues, and the role of the collective. She is balanced and perceptive — willing to pursue issues because it is the right thing to do and has shown integrity and courage when it may have been easier to go quietly. Through Meegan's advocacy, the role of the collective in school-based matters is foregrounded.


CG.jpgCS.jpgJohn (Max) McDermott Award — Chapter
Carinity Southside and Glendyne Chapters

Members at Carinity Southside and Glendyne have remained resilient in the face of an employer trying to cut conditions in a replacement agreement. Since their first ballot over a year ago, Carinity members have taken industrial action four times, and have twice voted down inferior employer-proposed agreements. Members have continued to fight for fair pay and conditions in their workplace, in the face of an employer determined to strip back entitlements. Members at Carinity want to set an example for the at-risk youth whom they teach – to call out injustice, not meekly accept it. They do not want to leave a legacy of inadequate working conditions for the next generation.


Ruth George School Officer Award
Jodie Worsnop 
Mackillop Catholic College

Jodie has made an outstanding contribution in her two years at MacKillop Catholic College. In this time she has initiated the Chapter Executive,  taken on the role of Staff Representative, been a representative on the school’s Consultative Committee, and been an active participant in Branch meetings, union training and events. Jodie is a reliable and approachable activist to all staff members. She is always promoting awareness of conditions, promoting how our union can support school officers in their role and providing support to staff. Her engagement with her colleagues has made a significant impact to union density at her Chapter. Jodie’s support of members goes beyond her own Chapter, as she has reached out to colleagues in other local schools to assist in answering staff questions relating to working conditions. 

Founders Award
Matthew Lobegeiger
Ryan Catholic College 

Matthew’s colleagues see him as a reliable port of call when it comes to issues relating to the profession. His diligence in communicating with his peers and organising his Chapter has led to high staff engagement. He is keenly aware of key professional and industrial issues, and ensures staff are kept informed and active. Matthew has shown exemplary leadership in addressing workplace issues with school management with unwavering confidence – making him a genuine source of support for his colleagues.
Founders Award
Lynne Elphick
St Ursula's College

Lynne has been a member for over 25 years.  She demonstrates our union values consistently as a member in the workplace and through her interactions with colleagues  in her Chapter. Lynne has a very strong belief that the values of fairness and equity must be in place in all aspects of our working lives. Lynne has spent her career supporting and mentoring early career members in their Chapter to ensure they are included in Chapter activity and to ensure their voices are heard. Lynne has led by example in pursuing many union issues, and believes that all our union-won rights must be protected.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.