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Gonski 2.0: voice of teachers must underpin any educational reform

The recently released Gonski Through Growth to Achievement Report reflects the aspirations of every member of the IEUA to ensure the development of well-rounded, academically capable, resilient and society-ready students.

If you think schools are safe from the ‘gig’ economy, think again

Precarious employment arrangements in the education sector are making our members just as vulnerable as workers in the ‘gig’ economy, as IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes writes.

A decade of NAPLAN: time for change

With the National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy coming into its 10th year of operation in schools, action towards making a change to the problematic standardised test is long overdue, as IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Paul Giles writes.

Putting our women leaders in their place

On International Women’s Day, the IEUA Federal Council endorsed a rule change to ensure 50% women representation in Federal Council positions.

Why are ECE teachers worth less?

Early Childhood Education (ECE) members have been able to secure enhanced wages and conditions that have put them thousands of dollars ahead of the legal minimum standard – but disparity still exists between wages for ECE teachers and school teachers.

Members say enough is enough when it comes to cyberbullying

Our union’s submission to the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce will ensure that the professional voices of our members are heard when it comes to addressing this insidious epidemic in Australia, as IEUA-QNT Research Officer Adele Schmidt writes.

Members call for broken rules to change at Labour Day and May Day rallies

Chants of “Change The Rules” echoed throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory over the Labour Day and May Day weekend.

Labour Day & May Day is our chance to Change The Rules

Union members and their families will join together to celebrate Labour Day and May Day this long weekend – and this year we will unite with a clear message: it’s time to Change The Rules.

Employer attempts to change holiday timing without consultation

A Northern Territory school attempted to alter staff holiday leave with just three days’ notice and without any staff consultation.

Members win paid domestic violence leave

Members in Queensland Anglican schools and Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School have won access to paid domestic violence leave, a significant entitlement which empowers victims to free themselves from violence.

School Officer Day 2018

On Wednesday, 13 June 2018, IEUA-QNT members across Queensland and the Northern Territory will mark School Officer Day by taking the opportunity to recognise how our school officers and services staff support quality education.

New labour hire laws take effect in Queensland

Vulnerable workers now have access to greater workplace protections, with new labour hire laws taking full effect in Queensland.

Broken rules fuel frustration

Carinity Education has continued to show a complete lack of care for staff as it attempts to push for a sub-standard collective agreement that would see staff working more, for less.

Public service boss pushes insecure future for workers

Commonwealth Public Service boss John Lloyd has launched a bitter attack on unions and set an agenda for an insecure public sector.

Mission Australia offer to employees a mixed bag

The first bargaining meeting was held for Mission Australia Early Learning employees. Whilst the employer offered six weeks paid maternity leave, the reminder of their list was little (if at all) better than the bare legal minimum.

Members mark 25 year milestone

This year our union has welcomed 126 members into a very special group: those who have been an IEUA-QNT member for 25 years.

Next generation of IEUA-QNT activists emerge

Our union brought together a dedicated group of early career activists at last week’s NexGen Conference to consider and help build the future of our union.

Members protect school officers from underpayment

School officers and services staff working for a major Catholic employer have had their wage payments corrected after an employer error in calculating annualised salaries left staff short-changed.

Staff overwhelmingly endorse enhanced QLD Catholic classifications and salaries

Staff in Queensland Catholic schools have overwhelmingly endorsed enhanced teacher classifications and salaries in a ballot which closed on Tuesday.

Catholic employers still in denial on middle leaders

Queensland Catholic school employers have insisted there is no problem with rates paid to middle leaders, despite members overwhelmingly endorsing the need to recognise and reward their work.

Employer chooses jail time over paying staff

A North Queensland tourism operator has been jailed for contempt after refusing to repay nearly $30,000 in unpaid wages owed to five employees.

Super underpayment costing workers secure retirement

Workers are being denied millions of dollars in superannuation payments each year as employers exploit an under-regulated system.

School officers reflect on 25 years

This year, 12 school officers are celebrating the milestone of 25 years membership.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.