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Home > News > 2018 > March > Pay annualisation for school support staff under attack

Pay annualisation for school support staff under attack

Tear_up_web.jpgIpswich Girls’ Grammar School (IGGS) is attempting to withdraw pay annualisation for some school support staff in an attack on hard-won working conditions.

Annualisation enables term-time and part-time staff to receive their annual salary over 52 weeks. 

Unlike their state school counterparts, term-time staff in non-government schools generally cannot work regular additional hours to allow for payment during term breaks.  

Annualisation allows school support staff to:

  • Spread their annual salary in even fortnightly increments over the full calendar year; and
  • Be correctly taxed on their annual salary.

Annualisation is expressed as an ‘agreement’ between the employee and the employer – and was won by members at IGGS in their 2008 collective agreement.

A decade later, IGGS has now decided to implement a policy where annualisation will not be agreed to for staff who have not previously annualised their pay.

The move undermines recent negotiations for a replacement collective agreement.

During bargaining in 2017, employer representatives proposed cutting annualisation but later dropped the claim after strong opposition from employee representatives.

The employer’s actions deny some support staff the right to receive 52 weeks’ pay (an entitlement enjoyed by the majority of school support staff in both government and non-government schools) and creates two tiers of staff: ‘those that can’ and ‘those that cannot’ access annualisation.

Members at IGGS have met and passed unanimous Chapter motions rejecting the school’s changed annualisation policy and urging the employer to reverse the attack.

The Chapter has also authorised our union to pursue all necessary action to reinstate the right for all school support staff to access annualisation.

IEUA-QNT Organiser Craig Darlington said the employer’s actions undermined the good faith bargaining shown by both employee and employer representatives in previous bargaining rounds.

“If this regressive policy decision had been known during last year’s negotiations, members would have been better placed to respond to the attack,” Mr Darlington said.

“School support staff are now facing a serious reduction to their hard-fought working conditions.”

“This attack is unacceptable and with unanimous opposition from IGGS members, our union will pursue all avenues to reverse this attack on conditions.”

Mr Darlington said the employer's actions reflected the broken nature of our industrial rules.

"Our industrial rules make it far too easy for employers to attack or diminish workers' hard-fought conditions."

Read more about why we need to change our industrial rules at www.changetherules.org.au

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.