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Home > News > 2018 > March > Is your school ready for the Commonwealth Games?

Is your school ready for the Commonwealth Games?

Topics : Member advice

250px-2018_Commonwealth_Games.svg.pngWith the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games quickly approaching, members affected will need to consider the impact traffic delays may have on their regular working conditions.

Our union has been receiving questions from members about how the games may affect them and have provided the following answers to the frequently asked questions:

What are my responsibilities if there are unreasonable traffic delays in week nine/ten?

Members are required to attend work at their normal starting time. This may mean that staff will need to leave home earlier than the regular time or find alternative transport to get to work. We trust that employers will understand the challenges of travel times during this period and apply a common sense approach to any problems.

What if I normally work the school holidays and my school shuts down for that period?

If your school closes during the Commonwealth Games period, this may mean that you will be unable to work your normal hours. Employers should consult with any staff affected by these changes, well in advance of the Commonwealth Games, and should put in place a structure to ensure that you will be paid for that period of time.

What is best practice for the additional staff PD day on 16 April?

Given that 16 April is predicted to be one of the busiest traffic days for the Gold Coast, some employers have adopted the sensible option of offering staff to work from home. During this period, some staff have been asked to undertake online professional development or to use the time to prepare for classes for Term 2.

If your school is yet to consult with staff about arrangements for the additional staff PD day, your union Chapter should contact administration and propose the use of the above model.

If you have any additional questions about how the Commonwealth Games may impact on your working conditions, please feel free to contact our union to speak with a Member Services Officer on 3839 7020.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.