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Acknowledge tolerance, inclusion, unity and respect this Harmony Day - Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. On Wednesday, 21 March 2018, IEUA-QNT Chapters are encouraged to support this year’s theme: Promoting tolerance, inclusion, unity and respect for diversity in the context of combating racial discrimination.

Severe weather events: advice for Northern Territory members

Severe weather events: advice for Northern Territory members

Step in the right direction for girls’ uniforms

The right for girls to wear pants and shorts in school has taken a step forward in Queensland with the state government’s announcement that they will rewrite the state school uniform policy.

Is your school ready for the Commonwealth Games?

With the Commonwealth Games quickly approaching, members affected will need to consider the impact traffic delays may have on their regular working conditions.

Severe weather events: advice to members

As North Queensland braces for significant rainfall and potential flooding in the coming days, our union would like to remind members of relevant Emergency and Natural Disaster Leave available to them under their collective agreements.

Make a Mate a Member Day

Ending Indigenous disadvantage: Close the Gap Day - 15 March 2018

Australia continues to have one of the world’s worse life expectancy gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous citizens

Member wins back full long service leave entitlement

A member in a Queensland Christian school has received their full long service leave entitlement, despite their employer’s attempt to pay it at a lower rate.

Anglican school members encourage their mates to join

In their ongoing collective bargaining campaign for a better balance for Anglican school staff, members have made a concerted effort to convince their mates to join our union.

West Virginia teachers win big after historic strike

After joining together in the longest strike in the state’s history, teachers and school support staff in West Virginia have won a significant 5% wage increase.

Pay annualisation for school support staff under attack

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School (IGGS) is attempting to withdraw pay annualisation for some school support staff in an attack on hard-won working conditions.

Muddled hours of duty hold up negotiations in NT

The messy state of hours of duty in Northern Territory Catholic schools could be easily resolved if the employer agreed to consolidate clearer provisions and abandoned attempts in some schools to make up attendance ‘requirements’ on whim.

Doughnut Time not so sweet to workers

All stores of the failed hospitality company Doughnut Time are set to close, stranding workers with $200,000 in unpaid wages.

Workers’ voice silenced by big business

In a shameful move, major Australian advertising business APN Outdoor has rejected an Australian Unions advertisement from appearing on their billboards.

It’s time to change the rules to restore a fair go to workers

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Secretary Sally McManus sent a resounding message in her landmark speech to the National Press Club: it’s time to change our industrial rules and restore a fair go for all Australian workers.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.