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Home > News > 2018 > July > Anglican school members secure initial wins, but still more to do

Anglican school members secure initial wins, but still more to do

Anglican_SBU06.jpgAfter almost 12 months of bargaining, Anglican school employees have voted to accept a new replacement collective agreement, as IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes writes.

Members are to be commended for their actions to secure a range of new workplace benefits and improved wages.

These efforts have won enhancements well beyond those first offered by employers at the start of bargaining.

While much has been achieved, further member action is vital to secure additional wins.

The agreement requires employers to continue negotiations on several wage and workload issues.

Members vote ‘yes’ to enhanced wages and conditions

89% of Anglican school employees voted to approve the new agreement.

The endorsed agreement will now be submitted to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for formal approval.

The new agreement will result in a number of significant changes including:

  • Annual wage increases for all school staff.
  • Confirmation of the $101k benchmark rate as the top incremental step for teachers.
  • New measures to promote greater job security.
  • Additional paid family leave and domestic violence leave.
  • New parameters to govern teacher hours of duty.
  • Additional employment opportunities for term time staff.

Members can read full details at www.betterbalance.org.au

Member action forces further employer commitments

While the new agreement provides a number of immediate outcomes for staff, there is also now the opportunity to continue our campaign to address other member concerns.

Anglican school employers must continue to negotiate the following important issues with employees and their union:

  • Remuneration review for teachers.
  • Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) and Lead Teacher arrangements and pay.
  • Hours of duty and professional expectations of teachers.
  • Positions of Added Responsibility (PARs).

The new agreement requires employers to participate in a Joint Working Party to resolve these issues during the life of the agreement.

Discussions to confirm HAT and Lead Teacher arrangements and payment levels will be the first to commence in the new term.

Vital role of SBU and Chapter representatives

All members are to be commended for their efforts in these negotiations.

A particular thank you must be extended to our Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) employee representatives who advocated so strongly for a Better Balance for Anglican school staff:

  • Peter Butler-Wood, Anglican Church Grammar School.
  • Bryce Goldburg, The Southport School.
  • Kathy Lee, The Glennie School.
  • Lauren Leslie, Cannon Hill Anglican.
  • Meegan Parkes, West Moreton Anglican.
  • Andrew Street, Matthew Flinders Anglican.

The collective efforts of our SBU representatives, Chapter representatives and members have once again made a real difference to the working lives of Anglican school employees.

PHOTO (FROM LEFT): Members of the SBU Kathy Lee, Susan O’Leary, Brad Hayes, Peter Butler-Wood, Meegan Parkes and Lauren Leslie 

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.