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It’s time to reclaim the profession

Potential workload burden of more national testing highlights the need to reclaim the profession.

IWD 2018 Leave No Woman Behind: Help women secure their right to safety

Women are losing their livelihoods, families and lives to natural disasters. We can't afford for women to lose their voices.

Acknowledge tolerance, inclusion, unity and respect this Harmony Day - Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. On Wednesday, 21 March 2018, IEUA-QNT Chapters are encouraged to support this year’s theme: Promoting tolerance, inclusion, unity and respect for diversity in the context of combating racial discrimination.

Members lay clear path to resolve Anglican school negotiations

Anglican school members’ campaign for better balance has made further progress and positive developments at recent collective bargaining meetings — but significant issues remain to be addressed by employers.

School officers and services staff recognised

On School Officer Day, Wednesday 13 June, members said a well-deserved thank you to school officers and services staff for the contribution they make to quality education in our schools.

Gonski 2.0: voice of teachers must underpin any educational reform

The recently released Gonski Through Growth to Achievement Report reflects the aspirations of every member of the IEUA to ensure the development of well-rounded, academically capable, resilient and society-ready students.

Your guide to tax time

Harassment and abuse of teachers condemned - Onus on employers to create safe work spaces for all employees

Harassment and abuse of teachers condemned Onus on employers to create safe work spaces for all employees

Capturing nature: talent revealed at art awards

Time to overhaul discrimination exemptions

Our union opposes discrimination based on a person’s sexuality.

Claims highlight key issues for QLD Catholic school members

The year that was: 2018 year in review

With December upon us, many members will inevitably find themselves reflecting on the year that was.


Early career teachers & professional identity

Early career members shared their perceptions on what it means to be a professional, and how they have worked to develop their professional identities.

Building a more inclusive Australia

Members will join with the wider Australian community on 21 March in celebrating our cultural diversity as part of Harmony Day.

Severe weather events: advice for Northern Territory members

Severe weather events: advice for Northern Territory members

Our profession under attack

The threats to the teaching profession are many and varied: from the imposition of flawed standardised testing to the professional affront of unannounced classroom observations, not to mention a still uncertain funding future. Without action by our union and our colleagues across the country, the profession and the quality of education provided to our students is at serious risk.

If you think schools are safe from the ‘gig’ economy, think again

Precarious employment arrangements in the education sector are making our members just as vulnerable as workers in the ‘gig’ economy, as IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes writes.

Members fend off holiday time grab

Members at a Queensland independent school have faced a serious attack on their holiday time with the employer directing staff to attend work during this period.

NAIDOC Week: Because of her, we can!

The 2018 NAIDOC Week (8-15 July) theme Because of her, we can! celebrates the invaluable contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have made, and continue to make, at community, local, state and national levels.

Carinity Education again fails to show they care after denying thousands of dollars to staff

Carinity Education again fails to show they care after denying thousands of dollars to staff

Catholic members plan for next bargaining wins

Catholic school members from across Queensland have come together to prepare for collective bargaining and develop our plan to tackle critical workplace issues in Catholic schools, IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes writes.

Talented writers take the stage at Literary Competition

Teacher's activism honoured at Emma Miller Awards

Ready to bargain in 2019

Members in Queensland Catholic schools have endorsed their log of claims in readiness for collective bargaining next year, with insecure work emerging as a key issue.


Online attacks: protecting your reputation in the digital world

Teachers are increasingly encountering statements posted about them online. What can you do about it?

Step in the right direction for girls’ uniforms

The right for girls to wear pants and shorts in school has taken a step forward in Queensland with the state government’s announcement that they will rewrite the state school uniform policy.

A storm is coming: crisis looms for workers unless we change the rules

Our union’s capacity to resolve the issues our members face is frustrated by Australia’s current broken industrial laws.

A decade of NAPLAN: time for change

With the National Assessment Program — Literacy and Numeracy coming into its 10th year of operation in schools, action towards making a change to the problematic standardised test is long overdue, as IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Paul Giles writes.

Do you have time to give feedback on student drafts?

Where does a teacher draw the line when it comes to giving feedback on student drafts? IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Paul Giles reports.

Threats to terminate collective agreement withdrawn in Fair Work Commission after union intervention

Threats to terminate collective agreement withdrawn in Fair Work Commission after union intervention

NAPLAN results: useless to teachers, damaging for students

Once again the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results of students across Australia have been used to create illusions of student and school achievement — while teachers’ professional judgements continue to be ignored.

Nationwide rallies to Change The Rules

Unions have called nationwide rallies in a bid to change Australia's broken industrial rules.

Outstanding efforts of IEU members recognised

An agenda for wage reform

An agenda to arrest Australia’s wage growth crisis has been outlined by industrial relations experts.


We won’t wait: every worker deserves freedom from violence

Unions across a variety of industries have stood together in seeking appropriate support for employees affected by domestic violence.

Is your school ready for the Commonwealth Games?

With the Commonwealth Games quickly approaching, members affected will need to consider the impact traffic delays may have on their regular working conditions.

Labour Day & May Day: members to call for broken laws to be changed

Members will celebrate the achievements of the union movement, and call for much needed change to Australia’s unfair industrial laws on Labour Day and May Day this year, as IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Rebecca Sisson writes.

Putting our women leaders in their place

On International Women’s Day, the IEUA Federal Council endorsed a rule change to ensure 50% women representation in Federal Council positions.

Meet the guest presenters of our Art Awards and Literary Competition

With the deadline for our union’s annual Excellence in Art Design awards and Literary Competition fast approaching (Friday, 27 July), our guest presenters have been announced.

Think: Education! withdraws threat to terminate collective agreement following union intervention

Think: Education! withdraws threat to terminate collective agreement following union intervention

Australia needs a pay rise

A professional to be proud of

Today we celebrate World Teachers’ Day – an important opportunity to thank and congratulate teachers for the invaluable work they do.

Does your school offer uniform options?

Time to end the scourge of gender-based violence

Activists across the world are engaging in 16 days of action to eliminate gender-based violence as shocking statistics show the scale of devastation caused by such violence.


Australia must play its role in sustainable development

Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set by the United Nations to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all following the expiry of the Millennium Development Goals in 2015.

Severe weather events: advice to members

As North Queensland braces for significant rainfall and potential flooding in the coming days, our union would like to remind members of relevant Emergency and Natural Disaster Leave available to them under their collective agreements.

NT women members creating change

Union members in the Northern Territory are sending a clear message: a collective effort is needed to tackle issues that are hurting working women.

Why are ECE teachers worth less?

Early Childhood Education (ECE) members have been able to secure enhanced wages and conditions that have put them thousands of dollars ahead of the legal minimum standard – but disparity still exists between wages for ECE teachers and school teachers.

Queensland Catholic school members prepare for bargaining

Member action protects school support staff annualisation

Member action has seen pay annnualisation for school officers and services staff protected at Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School (IGGS).

Our profession, our time: members to reject erosion of PPCT

Unions and community unite to Change The Rules

Union and community members have turned out in massive numbers at Change The Rules rallies across the country.

Chapter creates blueprint to ensure staff respect

Members at St Thomas More College in Sunnybank have developed an initiative to ensure respect for staff is central to all relationships with parents and the broader school community.

Insecure work is harming employees in our schools

In the lead up to collective bargaining next year – where insecure work is set to be a key theme – members in Queensland Catholic schools are sharing their own insecure work stories.

We're taking a short break

Our union office will close Friday 21 December 2018 and reopen Monday 7 January 2019.


Funding our future: uncertainty continues

The uncertainty remains for Early Childhood Education teachers, assistants and their students with the Federal Government again failing to provide ongoing funding to the sector.

Make a Mate a Member Day

Teacher salaries reach new high in 2018: is your school part of our union success story?

IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary Brad Hayes discusses how 2018 will see thousands of members in Queensland schools achieve a historical benchmark with new teacher career paths and salary recognition.

Members say enough is enough when it comes to cyberbullying

Our union’s submission to the Queensland Anti-Cyberbullying Taskforce will ensure that the professional voices of our members are heard when it comes to addressing this insidious epidemic in Australia, as IEUA-QNT Research Officer Adele Schmidt writes.

Recognising excellence in our union in 2018

Employer attempt to terminate agreement defeated in Commission

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) was forced to abandon an attempt to terminate its employees’ collective agreement after a hearing in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) last week.

Is job-sharing right for you?

Spotlight on teacher wellbeing

Our union is shining a light on one of the most prevalent teacher wellbeing concerns: burnout.

Community united for VET reform

The Queensland Community Alliance held an accountability assembly last week, drawing attention to the need to reform the vocational education and training sector.

Time for teachers' voices to be heard

The erosion of respect for teachers' professional judgments, expertise and autonomy demands our response.

Ending Indigenous disadvantage: Close the Gap Day - 15 March 2018

Australia continues to have one of the world’s worse life expectancy gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous citizens

How will you transition to retirement?

An effective transition can provide the flexibility and peace of mind that members need as they approach retirement.

Members call for broken rules to change at Labour Day and May Day rallies

Chants of “Change The Rules” echoed throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory over the Labour Day and May Day weekend.

Catholic employer lack of clarity threatens conditions

Early childhood teachers’ equal pay case finds initial support

The Fair Work Commission has admitted there is a potential “issue” in Award wages for early childhood teachers following the commencement of our union’s equal pay case.

Should you leave the phone alone?

Women face future poverty in retirement

New research has revealed the continued and growing inequity suffered by women workers who are increasingly facing poverty in retirement.

Catholic school members fight back against insecure work

Members in Queensland Catholic schools are taking action – sharing their personal experiences of insecure work and adding their support to our campaign to address the impact rolling fixed-term contracts and cuts to part-time hours are having on our school communities.

We must change Australia’s broken industrial laws

Australia’s current industrial laws are stacked against workers.

Member wins back full long service leave entitlement

A member in a Queensland Christian school has received their full long service leave entitlement, despite their employer’s attempt to pay it at a lower rate.

Abandoned and excluded: Australia is failing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

The federal government’s Closing the Gap Report paints a clear picture: the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community continues to be left behind and ignored.

Labour Day & May Day is our chance to Change The Rules

Union members and their families will join together to celebrate Labour Day and May Day this long weekend – and this year we will unite with a clear message: it’s time to Change The Rules.

Low wages and insecure work: the rules need to change

Employer seeks employees’ private medical information

Members have been advised not to provide private medical information after their employer attempted to collect this information unnecessarily.

Djarragun members win benchmark conditions

Members at Djarragun College, Gordonvale have secured benchmark conditions in their latest agreement, including comparable wages with the Queensland Catholic sector.

Staff would work weekends under Haileybury plan

Members have flagged concerns with Haileybury Rendall School’s bargaining claims, including a plan for staff to work additional hours on weekends.


Wages attacked in kindy takeover

The take-over of a Brisbane kindergarten has seen staff forced to choose between a serious cut to wages or giving up their jobs.


Are you receiving your First Aid Allowance?

If you are a School Officer with first aid duties, you may be entitled to receive a First Aid Allowance from your employer. As a union we can bargain collectively for provisions that assist members to do their jobs, and our members have been successful in securing First Aid Allowances for school officer members in collective agreements in various sectors of non-government education across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Anglican school members encourage their mates to join

In their ongoing collective bargaining campaign for a better balance for Anglican school staff, members have made a concerted effort to convince their mates to join our union.

Negotiating enhancements to the teacher classification process

IEUA-QNT Research Officer Adele Schmidt discusses our union’s pivotal role in shaping the teacher classification process in non-government schools.

Employer attempts to change holiday timing without consultation

A Northern Territory school attempted to alter staff holiday leave with just three days’ notice and without any staff consultation.

Do you have time to give feedback on student drafts?

Where does a teacher draw the line when it comes to giving feedback on student drafts?

School alleges serious misconduct on basis of CCTV recordings

A large Brisbane school’s ‘first and final’ warning to a member for serious misconduct was rescinded after the employer could not substantiate the claim, which relied on CCTV recordings.

Fighting for Careers You Can Count On

School officers in Queensland Catholic schools play a critical role in the delivery of quality education to our students, yet sadly we know the reality for many is one of insecure employment.

Restaurants serving up side of wage theft

Another high profile restaurant has been exposed for underpaying staff in breach of current workplace laws.

Remote work for the dole scheme ‘modern slavery’

The Community Development Program (CDP), which disproportionately impacts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, has been described as ‘modern slavery’.

Yarning Up set to start again in 2018

IEUA-QNT is proud to support our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members and, in 2017, will continue to host regular Yarning Up sessions.

West Virginia teachers win big after historic strike

After joining together in the longest strike in the state’s history, teachers and school support staff in West Virginia have won a significant 5% wage increase.

International Workers’ Memorial Day

International Workers’ Memorial Day is a day of remembrance of workers who have been injured or lost their lives at the workplace.

Members win paid domestic violence leave

Members in Queensland Anglican schools and Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School have won access to paid domestic violence leave, a significant entitlement which empowers victims to free themselves from violence.

Members unite to take back the profession

Almost 200 IEU members from across all states and territories gathered at a national forum in Melbourne in May, brought together by a common known truth: teaching is being actively de-professionalised.

Universities refuse to discuss practicum payments

Queensland universities are refusing to negotiate on practicum payments to supervising teachers, which have not increased for more than 25 years.

Plan to address inequity for women

Australian unions have launched a campaign to address the inequity women have long-faced in the workplace.

Member faces 11th year on fixed-term contract

In a prime example of the insecure work crisis impacting our schools, one member is facing an 11th year on a fixed-term contract in 2019.

It's time to Reclaim the Profession

Empowering teachers to Reclaim the Profession will be a key focus for our union this year.

Pay annualisation for school support staff under attack

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School (IGGS) is attempting to withdraw pay annualisation for some school support staff in an attack on hard-won working conditions.

Teachers to stop work again over proposed cuts to working conditions

Teachers and support staff working in Carinity Education schools (an outreach of Queensland Baptists) in Brisbane, Gladstone and Hervey Bay will stop work on 24 April 2018 in protest of their employer’s plan to create second-tier teachers in Queensland.

School Officer Day 2018

On Wednesday, 13 June 2018, IEUA-QNT members across Queensland and the Northern Territory will mark School Officer Day by taking the opportunity to recognise how our school officers and services staff support quality education.

Anglican school members secure initial wins, but still more to do

After almost 12 months of bargaining, Anglican school employees have voted to accept a new replacement collective agreement.

Workers paid as little as $8 take action

A group of migrant farm workers are taking legal action after alleging a labour hire company paid them as little as $8 per hour.

Employer attempts to restrict continuing positions

The Toowoomba Catholic schools employer recently invited a limited group of fixed-term employees to apply for continuing employment status.

Wage theft costing a generation billions

Wage theft is costing Queensland workers billions in denied wages and superannuation according to estimates in a new report.

Anglican members win employer commitment to $101k wage benchmark; campaign continues to address remaining issues

In their ongoing campaign for Better Balance in Queensland Anglican schools, members recorded a significant win late last year with the employer committing to the benchmark top step teacher wage of $101,000 in 2018.

Muddled hours of duty hold up negotiations in NT

The messy state of hours of duty in Northern Territory Catholic schools could be easily resolved if the employer agreed to consolidate clearer provisions and abandoned attempts in some schools to make up attendance ‘requirements’ on whim.

Teachers strike again as employer continues pursuit of cuts

Teachers and school support staff at three of the four Carinity Education schools in Queensland will stop work again today to stand up against proposed cuts and changes to working conditions which would see them worse off compared to other educators across the state.

New labour hire laws take effect in Queensland

Vulnerable workers now have access to greater workplace protections, with new labour hire laws taking full effect in Queensland.

Working women need the rules to change

In more ways than one the rules for women at work are broken — and it’s time for change.

Carinity members VOTE NO to employer's second attack on conditions

Carinity school staff have sent a clear message to the employer in the latest ballot - attacks on employee working conditions will not be tolerated.

Strike for arbitration as Carinity puts disadvantaged students at risk

Queensland Baptists’ outreach, Carinity Education, is placing its disadvantaged students at risk by refusing to agree to arbitration over long-running negotiations with staff.

2020 Teacher Exchange applications closing soon!

Looking for an adventure and a power professional development experience? Submit your application for our Teacher Exchange Program now!

Employer attacks on bargaining and flatlining wages no coincidence

In the September quarter last year, 642 collective agreements were approved by the Fair Work Commission – the lowest amount since 1995.

Doughnut Time not so sweet to workers

All stores of the failed hospitality company Doughnut Time are set to close, stranding workers with $200,000 in unpaid wages.

Broken rules fuel frustration

Carinity Education has continued to show a complete lack of care for staff as it attempts to push for a sub-standard collective agreement that would see staff working more, for less.

Reclaim your time: what are your hours of duty?

With demands on teachers ever increasing, knowing your hours of duty is the first step to having the grounds to say no when being directed to do more.

What should your contract of employment look like?

Your appointment conditions and written contracts of employment are some of the most important documents you will receive from an employer.

Broken rules deny workers lost wages after Foodora collapse

Legal action against food delivery service Foodora over staff underpayments has been dropped after the company entered into administration.

How teachers can recharge for the New Year

A crucial element of avoiding or managing burnout is building resilience – and the end of year break is an important time for teachers to engage in self-care and build resilience for the coming teaching year.

Commercialisation of Indian schools looms

Villagers in Rajasthan – India’s largest state in the country’s North West – have staged sit-ins at public schools set to be commercialised on a pilot basis of 10 years.

Workers’ voice silenced by big business

In a shameful move, major Australian advertising business APN Outdoor has rejected an Australian Unions advertisement from appearing on their billboards.

Public service boss pushes insecure future for workers

Commonwealth Public Service boss John Lloyd has launched a bitter attack on unions and set an agenda for an insecure public sector.

It's time for all early childhood teachers to receive equal pay

We're standing in solidarity with IEU NSW/ACT members as they pursue a landmark equal pay case for early childhood teachers.

The power of union for aspiring and beginning educators

When employees join together with a strong, united voice, they are able to effect real change in their workplaces, their profession and even the broader community.

Interested in teaching overseas for a year?

Orange the World on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Right to strike almost extinct

A new ruling in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has left the right to strike in Australia practically extinct.

It’s time to change the rules to restore a fair go to workers

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Secretary Sally McManus sent a resounding message in her landmark speech to the National Press Club: it’s time to change our industrial rules and restore a fair go for all Australian workers.

Mission Australia offer to employees a mixed bag

The first bargaining meeting was held for Mission Australia Early Learning employees. Whilst the employer offered six weeks paid maternity leave, the reminder of their list was little (if at all) better than the bare legal minimum.

$4,000 settlement for contract non-renewal

A Queensland ELICOS college member has received a $4,000 settlement after our union lodged an unfair dismissal application.

Carinity members strike for arbitration

“2, 4, 6, 8 – it’s time to arbitrate!” was the rally cry that could be heard loud and clear today as members in Carinity Education schools stopped work for the fourth time in their fourteen month long negotiations.

Fire emergency: advice to members

With parts of Queensland in the midst of serious fire danger, our union would like to remind members of relevant Emergency and Natural Disaster Leave available to them under their collective agreements.

Italian trade union researcher killed in Egypt

New evidence suggests an Italian graduate student found dead in Egypt may have been killed due to his research into Egyptian trade unions.

Members mark 25 year milestone

This year our union has welcomed 126 members into a very special group: those who have been an IEUA-QNT member for 25 years.

Young workers’ rights on the agenda

A parliamentary inquiry into wage theft has revealed systemic problems, with young workers particularly vulnerable to exploitation and underpayment at work.

School funding deal fails to deliver

Despite the effusive welcoming by employer organisations, the school funding announcement made by the federal government (Thursday, 20 September) still fails to deliver.

School funding deal fails to deliver

Directed e-learning included in hours of duty

Members in Queensland Catholic schools can no longer be expected to complete directed e-learning or online professional development outside of their hours of duty.

Next generation of IEUA-QNT activists emerge

Our union brought together a dedicated group of early career activists at last week’s NexGen Conference to consider and help build the future of our union.

$102k for NT Lutheran teachers

Classroom teachers in Northern Territory Lutheran schools have set a new wage benchmark for teachers in non-government schools across the country.

Teachers have a say in Northern Territory health and safety

Can you be made to attend work outside normal hours?

Do you know your rights if an unexpected event arises at school and the employer wants staff to attend?

Members protect school officers from underpayment

School officers and services staff working for a major Catholic employer have had their wage payments corrected after an employer error in calculating annualised salaries left staff short-changed.

Carinity intent on cutting conditions

Carinity Education – an outreach of Queensland Baptists – has repeatedly shown itself to be intent on attacking working conditions in our sector.

Violence towards staff: Is your school compromising safety?

Excessive heat in schools

As Queensland continues to swelter, it is important for members to understand what their rights are when working in high temperatures.

Staff overwhelmingly endorse enhanced QLD Catholic classifications and salaries

Staff in Queensland Catholic schools have overwhelmingly endorsed enhanced teacher classifications and salaries in a ballot which closed on Tuesday.

Federal government abandons crucial kindy funding

The federal government’s plan to cease Universal Access funding to Australian kindergartens has been revealed months after funding cuts were subtly included in the May federal budget.

New Year: new wage offer needed

At the end of 2017 IEUA-QNT members made their concerns regarding wages and workload clear to Anglican school employers.

Catholic college outsourcing could cause redundancies

The decision to outsource school cleaning to a labour hire company will result in redundancies at Marist College Ashgrove – another example of how Australia’s broken industrial laws continue to erode secure jobs.

For-profit super system failing Australians

The Royal Commission into the banking and finance sector has uncovered serious failings in Australia’s $600 billion retail super fund industry.

Dates and events significant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Our union has prepared a special printable calendar of dates and event significant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples for members.

Catholic employers still in denial on middle leaders

Queensland Catholic school employers have insisted there is no problem with rates paid to middle leaders, despite members overwhelmingly endorsing the need to recognise and reward their work.

Baptist Church outreach Carinity continues to act like a corporation

Despite attempts by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to aid negotiations, Carinity Education remains intent on cutting wages and working conditions.

Ten years jail for Iranian teacher unionist

Mohammad Habibi, an Iranian teacher unionist, has received a 10 and a half year prison sentence following a peaceful protest in Tehran.

Carinity continues attack on status of teachers

Carinity Education, an outreach of Queensland Baptists which runs four schools across Queensland, has continued its attack on the status of teachers.

Employer chooses jail time over paying staff

A North Queensland tourism operator has been jailed for contempt after refusing to repay nearly $30,000 in unpaid wages owed to five employees.

Unions uncover abhorrent abuse of female garment workers

Female garment workers in South East Asia are being exposed to physical and sexual abuse in clothing factories, according to unions and human rights associations.

Carinity teachers strike over cuts to working conditions

Teachers and support staff working at two Queensland Baptists’ outreach schools in Sunnybank and Hervey Bay stopped work for four hours on 30 August 2018.

Employer turns to common law contracts to slash conditions

Workers know all too well they are facing increasing and sustained attacks on their wages and working conditions from employers who are emboldened by an industrial landscape that easily allows them to do so.

Super underpayment costing workers secure retirement

Workers are being denied millions of dollars in superannuation payments each year as employers exploit an under-regulated system.

Respect for teachers now part of the national conversation

The importance of restoring professional respect for teachers was at the forefront of national debate on Q&A and Gruen this week.

Why Are Australian Women Still Being Paid Less Than Men?

Friday 31 August 2018 is Equal Pay Day — an important reminder of the continuing barriers women face in accessing the same opportunities and benefits as men in Australian workplaces.

Groundsman reclassification results in pay increase

A Catholic school services staff member recently received an increase to their annual salary of almost $1,500 after applying for reclassification with assistance from our union.

School officers reflect on 25 years

This year, 12 school officers are celebrating the milestone of 25 years membership.

Employees endorse enhanced conditions in Anglican schools

Employees have voted to endorse the proposed Anglican schools' collective agreement.

Negotiations secure $3,000+ salary boost for early career teachers

Graduate teachers in Queensland Catholic schools have received a salary boost of $3,000+ following negotiations between our union and employers.

Independent body would limit politics in the classroom

A proposed independent education institute to limit the influence of politics inside Australian classrooms has been welcomed by our union as a step in the right direction.

Embassy exploitation shows vulnerability of workers

A damning report has uncovered extreme cases of worker exploitation in Australia’s foreign embassies, highlighting how easy it is for employers to take advantage of vulnerable workers.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.