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Home > News > 2017 > October > Mass staff redundancies at Kormilda College condemned

Mass staff redundancies at Kormilda College condemned

Question_marks.jpgMass redundancies and the way in which they have been managed at Darwin’s Kormilda College have been condemned by our union.

While the employer is currently refusing to provide an exact number of redundancies, our union believes up to 15 staff will lose their jobs following the announcement earlier this year that the College would be sold to Melbourne-based education provider Haileybury Rendall.

IEUA-QNT Branch Secretary Terry Burke said the redundancies were upsetting not only for those employees losing their job but for those staff that remain, Kormilda College students and their families, and the broader Darwin community.

“The way the employer has treated staff from the College is particularly shameful.

“Under the current collective agreement, the school was obligated to consult with our union regarding decisions related to major change at the site. 

“The employer did not do this – instead announcing the need for redundancies at the same times as outlining which staff were to be made redundant.

“Such action goes against the collective agreement provisions, under which the employer having announced the need for redundancy should consult with our union as to how such a process may occur and provide proper consultation to employees.

“Instead the employer is claiming their announcement as 'consultation'.

“Clearly the new owners of the College have little respect for staff, students or the school community.

“The employer appears to be using this process to fundamentally change the character of the school in an instant rather than provide any real engagement with key stakeholders, including employees, as to what they want the long-term character of the school to be.

“Key issues such as the impact on the school’s curriculum, the introduction of the Victorian Certificate of Education, the potential diminution of the boarding component of the school and the potential outsourcing of staff all need proper consultation with staff.

Mr Burke said for the staff that have kept their jobs, the uncertainty remains with many questioning just how long they may have a job for.

“Fewer staff means more work for those keeping their jobs.

“Given the workload pressures teachers and other school staff are already facing, how can Haileybury Rendall expect the College to operate as it was before the redundancies? It’s impossible.

“The impacts on student and staff then have knock-on effects for their parents, their partners and their other family members – it ripples throughout the community.

“For those who have been made redundant they now face the difficulty of finding alternate employment and income with just two months until Christmas.

“The timing of these announcements is just another sign that Haileybury Rendall has very little respect for its employees,” Mr Burke said.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.