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Home > News > 2017 > November > Bev Day receives Life Membership Award

Bev Day receives Life Membership Award

Bev_2.jpgIEUA-QNT member Bev Day has been awarded Life Membership for over 30 years of commitment to our union. 

Bev’s fight for social justice began when she was a school student – marching in the Goulburn School Strike of 1962.

“That day made me realise the true power of the collective – it made me realise that we have the power to make change happen,” Bev said. 

Early in her career in education, Bev worked in New South Wales state and Catholic schools and engaged in union promotion during this time.

In the early 1980s, Bev became a continuing full-time member of QIEU and a member of staff at St Edward the Confessor Primary School at Daisy Hill.

Directly growing out of her classroom teaching and reflecting her engagement with students with high needs, Bev took on the role of what is now called Support Teacher-Inclusive Education, which she has maintained until the present.

This involved working with school leadership, classroom teachers, support staff and, of course, students.

The school and the programs offered at St Edward's for students with special needs owes much to the dedication, hard work and pragmatic approach of Bev.

Accompanying the academic and professional life of a classroom teacher, administrator and specialist teacher was always a commitment to a "fair go" for all employees.

“I am a firm believer in achieving equity and ensuring that everybody is treated favourably with fairness and justice. 

“That is the common goal we strive for as unionists – fairness and justice. 

“The need to fight for this goal is the main reason why I became a union member,” Bev said. 

Becoming a member of QIEU, Bev always worked to promote unionism and the strength of the collective at the local level with her teaching and non-teaching colleagues.

“Teachers and school staff are doing themselves a disservice if they do not join their union. 

“It is the power of the collective that ensures teachers are recognised as professionals and treated as such.

“This includes considerations towards their work conditions and wages, and the placement of reasonable expectations given available resources,” Bev said. 

Bev has always been involved in union at the local level as a member and member of the Chapter Executive.

As our union moved from a "servicing" model to an "organising" model, and from QIEU to IEUA¬ QNT, Bev was always proactive in assuring members that the power and initiative to bring about change was with them and was their responsibility.

For Bev, acting as a change agent, ranged from local level action such as ensuring First Aid training was provided on pupil free days, instead of in employees' own time, to promoting and engaging in rallies and stop work industrial action during collective negotiations.

In 1999 Bev took on the role of Logan Branch Representative to Branch Executive - a role which continues to this day.

In her role as Logan Branch Representative, Bev has worked productively with a number of organisers and always accurately and reflectively represented the members of Logan.

In August 2017 Bev was appointed to the board of the Queensland College of Teachers as a representative of practicing teachers in non-government schools.

Bev is also represents teachers as a sessional member of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). 

Bev has organised and overseen Branch meetings and reported on branch issues to Branch Executive. As well over the years as Branch Representative Bev has actively engaged in our training, attended professional and industrial conferences in the state, and joined with her interstate colleagues from other Branches to set a national agenda. Bev is also an active and engaged member of our Organising Campaigning Committee.

IEUA-QNT Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Paul Giles said Bev’s activism has led to our union achieving great things for its members.

“In all her undertakings, Bev brings a commitment to justice and fairness tempered with a realism and pragmatism.

“These qualities have ensures time and time again that the collective goal is realised. 

“Our union congratulates Bev on the significant achievement of Life Membership, and we extend our gratitude for the work she has done in contributing to the voice of QIEU and IEUA-QNT,” Paul said. 

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.