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Home > News > 2017 > November > A lifetime of gratitude: extraordinary members honoured

A lifetime of gratitude: extraordinary members honoured

Topics : Awards

QIEU Life Membership has been awarded in 2017 to recognise an extraordinary group of people for their long and dedicated commitment to our union.

Bev Day

Being a member of our union for over 30 years, Bev has always worked to promote unionism and the strength of the collective at the local level with her teaching and non-teaching colleagues.

In1999, Bev became the Logan Branch Representative to Branch Executive — a role which continues to this day.  Bev has always been proactive in assuring members that the power and initiative to bring about change is with them and is their responsibility.

Read more about Bev's story here.

Bernadette Murray

Bernadette has made a remarkable contribution to our union having served as a long-standing member of our union’s governing body for many years. An obvious leader Bernadette has approached employers on behalf of her Chapter on many occasions and has always been a key representative during collective bargaining negotiations. 

During her employment as a School Officer at Lourdes Hill College for over 15 years; she has been a staff representative for 14 of those years and has always been diligent and courageous in taking back discussions, considerations and decisions to her Chapter. Bernadette runs an inclusive Chapter at Lourdes Hill. She has never drawn distinction between teacher issues and school officer issues. To Bernadette, an issue for one is an issue for all.

Chris Seymour

Chris has been a member of our union for 27 years; both in his activities at a school level and within our union as an Assistant Secretary/Treasurer — and now as our union’s Industrial Services Coordinator. Over this time, Chris has continually exemplified what we stand for as a union and incorporated the values of being a unionist throughout his professional and personal life.

Any IEUA-QNT officer who has worked with Chris over the last 23 years in his various roles has learnt a great deal about what it is to adopt a strategy, to be persistent in that strategy and to get an outcome — never losing sight of the goals for members.

Andrew Knott

Awarded Honorary Life Membership, Andrew Knott has been a solicitor to our union for over 45 years. Andrew’s advice has been critical to the direction and growth of our union. Individual members will know the calibre and thoroughness of his advice and representation. As legal advisor to our union, Andrew always understood the longer term significance of any legal matter for our capacity to represent our members. While a legal adviser and not a member Andrew nevertheless has cherished our union and assisted in the development of our current capacities.

John Jensen

John Jensen, now retired, was a long-term chapter representative at Queensland’s largest Catholic primary school, Marymount Primary School. Under his dedicated work, the Chapter continued to have one of the highest density levels in a primary school setting. John was always involved in, and made sure his Chapter was involved, in union activity whether they be collective bargaining campaigns or issues involving members and the school.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.