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Home > News > 2017 > May > School officer’s salary increased by thousands following reclassification

School officer’s salary increased by thousands following reclassification

Hands_typing_web_qual.pngA school officer member received an increase to their annual salary of almost $6,000 after applying for reclassification with assistance from our union.

The member sought advice from our Member Services Team before seeking reclassification as she had identified that her position at the school had changed. The member’s administrative role was no longer supported by a direct supervisor and as a result the member had been acting in a complex, coordinating role for the past two years.

Having contacted our union, a Member Services Officer advised that the first critical step in applying for re-classification was ensuring their position description was up-to-date.

School officer positions are classified under a competency-based structure and tiered system. This means that the classification is of the position, not of the person who holds it – recognising the level of knowledge and skills, responsibility and required qualifications.

School officers have the right to a current and appropriate position description that recognises that schools and school officer work has changed. An out-of-date or incomplete position description leads to a lack of recognition in the classification level of a school officer’s valuable skills and contribution to the education of students.

Over time, school officers can be asked to acquire more and more skills and use these skills at a higher level; while this changes the job, often the classification of these jobs does not change. 

This was certainly the case for this member whose position description was significantly updated with assistance from our union. Our union also helped prepare a letter for the principal requesting that the position description be updated to reflect to increased complexity of the member’s role.

Once this was achieved, our union advised the member that formally writing to their employer was the vital next step on the path towards reclassification.

The employer accepted the member’s application for reclassification and thanked the member for updating the position description.

As a result of this member undertaking the necessary steps in the reclassification process, their position classification was increased by three levels. This reclassification meant a significant increase in the member’s annual salary of almost $6,000 and an important recognition of the complex nature of their role.

Our union also assisted the member in checking their letter of offer for any issues prior to signing. 

Should your position be reclassified?

Position descriptions should recognise the diverse and skilled work of school officers, provide greater clarity around the duties and responsibilities for school officers and most importantly recognise and reward the diverse range of skills and knowledge that school officers bring to their positions. 

School officer members who would like to review their position descriptions should contact their IEUA-QNT organiser. Our union can provide tailored advice for members and advise what steps are needed to review position descriptions, with the goal of applying for reclassification. 

If you would like to know more about reclassification, contact our union on FREECALL 1800 177 938 or via email to enquiries@qieu.asn.au 

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.