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Home > News > 2017 > March > Member’s $2000 underpayment corrected after call to our union

Member’s $2000 underpayment corrected after call to our union

Calculate.pngA call to our union for advice has resulted in a member in the Early Childhood Education sector receiving their rightful entitlement to $2000 in unpaid superannuation and allowances.

The member, an Early Childhood Education centre Director, who had recently resigned, made a call to our union’s Industrial Services Team after receiving her final pay only to discover it was less than she believed it should be.

Specifically, the member believed that she had not been paid her director's allowance and the senior teacher allowance and that in addition, part of her superannuation payment had not been made.

Acting on behalf of the member, our union’s Industrial Services Team contacted her employer seeking clarification on the final payment made.

This representation was made, after an initial approach by the member had resulted in little success in terms of employer confirming the correct payment amount.

Through our union’s contact with the employer, it became clear that the employer had not paid the member’s correct superannuation and allowance entitlements which were owing on her termination payment. 

This was because they had paid only the member’s base rate of pay and had also altered her resignation date on their files. 

As a result of our union’s representation on the member’s behalf, the employer has now paid the superannuation and allowance entitlements owing to the member – approximately $2000.

Members who believe they have been, or are being underpaid, should contact one of our Industrial Service team here and speak to an Industrial Services Officer for further advice.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.