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Home > News > 2017 > February > Member action achieves positive result in C&K negotiations

Member action achieves positive result in C&K negotiations

Change in C&K position results in a draft Agreement

web_thumbnail.pngAn agreement in principle was reached in the negotiations which occurred on Friday, 24 February 2017.

IEUA-QNT commends C&K for its preparedness to improve its negotiating positions.

This outcome has only been achieved because of the strength of the collective action adopted by members.

Movement in relation to both release time for Directors and protection of superannuation

Release time for Directors: C&K has now offered 10 hours per annum of release time for Directors available by application. This is a welcome move away from the previous outright rejection of the need for any time. Whilst 10 hours is not a significant figure, it is a start which recognises the role of Directors.

The 10 hours are proposed to be available following an application to the Regional Manager which addresses a number of criteria. A formal joint review of the operation of the provisions will occur in 2018.

Superannuation co-contributions: The superannuation co-contribution scheme has been protected and will remain available to all employees, both existing and new.

C&K has agreed to a compromise proposed by our Union where any increases in the superannuation contribution required by the Federal Government will be absorbed into the employer co-contribution required by the collective Agreement.

The co-contribution scheme was first introduced for kindergartens (with a phased implementation) in 2006. That scheme contained a maximum contribution by the employer of 12%: being made up of 9% legislated by the Federal Government, and 3% required by the collective Agreement. The compromise proposal maintains the maximum employer contribution of 12% and provides that where the Federal Government figure increases, the quantum required by the Agreement will reduce by a similar amount.

Vacation time also protected

The proposed Agreement will also clarify that attendance at employer initiated or sponsored events during vacation time (defined as ‘recess leave’ in the Agreement) is at the employee’s discretion.

For example, an employee cannot be directed to attend professional development during the second week of the Easter vacation period.

Consideration of draft Agreement

Our Union and C&K are currently in the process of drafting the proposed Agreement. Once finalised, the draft will be provided to employees in kindergartens for their consideration.

Employees will then be asked to either approve or reject the proposed Agreement via a ballot. If the proposed Agreement is approved, employees will receive a 2.7% wage increase back dated to 1 July 2016.

Collective action by IEUA-QNT members achieves results

IEUA-QNT members have, on a number of occasions, made a collective decision to reject the initial inadequate offers by C&K. The outcome we have achieved reflects the importance of standing up for conditions which must underpin the work we do and the significance of widespread member support in advocating for those conditions.

Members are to be commended for their resolute claim to protect working conditions which reflect the standards generally applicable in other Queensland education sectors.

Read more on the history of the campaign here.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.