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Home > News > 2016 > October > C&K puts teachers’ professional standing at risk

C&K puts teachers’ professional standing at risk

kindergarten_web_qual.pngC&K has refused to commit to maintaining comparable wage rates to the state and Catholic sectors for teachers in current collective bargaining negotiations unless employees give up significant existing conditions. 

C&K’s latest position would allow the employer to require employees to perform additional duties in their own time and reduce their superannuation and redundancy entitlements.

IEUA-QNT Senior Industrial Officer John Spriggs said that at a negotiating meeting in late October C&K presented an offer of 2.5 per cent for each of the three years of the agreement, but only on the basis that a number of current conditions were removed and new requirements imposed.

“C&K’s offer would result in a wholesale diminution of conditions compared to other educational sectors,” Mr Spriggs said.

Member Meetings 

A series of Member Meetings will be held across the state to keep members informed and provide a forum to discuss the negotiations. 


Attack on employee time

C&K is linking the wage offer to the insertion of a provision in a new agreement which would allow the employer to require employees to perform additional work during their recess or vacation time. 

The employer wants to force employees to perform duties, such as marketing, Quality Improvement Plans, work on Profiles and review Quality Areas during their recess leave or vacation time.

The employer is also attempting to establish an expectation that vacation time must be used to perform administration duties which are not able to be performed during teaching weeks.

“C&K want the ability to displace an employee’s professional discretion and impose an employer directed requirement on the use of time. Recent experience demonstrates that the employer would not exercise this additional power either wisely or reasonably.”

Superannuation threat
Employee superannuation co-contributions are also under threat, with C&K proposing that this provision be closed to any employee, either existing or new (who does not currently make such a contribution) from 1 July 2016, with the entire co-contribution scheme terminated for all employees in less than five years.  

“The superannuation co-contributions scheme provides critical extra dollars into employees’ superannuation – something which was hard fought for and won by employees in the sector. 

“With Industry Super Australia data showing that the average gap in super balances at retirement for women versus men will grow to around $170,000 by 2030 – any move to reduce C&K employees’ provisions in this area is alarming and shows just how little C&K values its staff,” he said.

C&K is also seeking to reduce the redundancy payments to the very minimum allowed by the National Employment Standards (NES). C&K have also rejected additional paid time for Directors and a guaranteed allocation of hours for Assistants.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.