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Home > News > 2016 > July > C&K members to bargain for substance

C&K members to bargain for substance

early_childhood.pngMembers in C&K kindergartens have indicated that wages should remain comparable to those paid in schools, the allocation of release time should be retained, and that the workload of Directors required a reassessment of their hours.

Initial bargaining discussions were scheduled for 10 June 2016. However, because of a request from the C&K, those discussions were delayed until 23 June.

Members identify issues for bargaining

A large number of members participated in the survey of C&K employees. That survey reinforced that the retention of existing conditions (including comparable wages and release time caused by additional teaching), and the consideration of the workload of Directors, are fundamental to the ongoing success of C&K kindergartens. (Whilst time was the primary issue identified by Directors, the level of remuneration for the level of responsibility was also raised.) Similarly, employees have identified that the provision of sufficient hours for Assistants is crucial.

Employees support the enhanced provision of training and support in relation to students with identifiable needs.

The move by some C&K kindergartens to "two long days” has not been the subject of consideration in any previous bargaining negotiations.

Employees also commented on the developing expectation that core work would be performed during vacation time. Some peripheral activities have historically been performed during vacations. However, any view that vacations are a time to perform core work which could not be performed during term weeks was rejected by employees.

Visit the C&K bargaining page for more.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.