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Home > News > 2016 > August > Proposed agreements endorsed by Queensland Catholic School employees

Proposed agreements endorsed by Queensland Catholic School employees

teal_tick.pngWage increases can now be actioned
Implementation to follow approval by FWC

The proposed collective bargaining agreements have been endorsed at ballot by Queensland Catholic sector employees in Diocesan and Religious Institute schools.

Employing authorities have committed to making wage increases and back payments following a successful ballot.

Employing authorities will now make application to the Fair Work Commission for approval of each agreement.

Members have expressed some issues regarding the use of the electronic ballot system and our union will be communicating members’ concerns regarding this directly with the employing authorities.

Ballot results

The results of the employee ballots conducted across Queensland Catholic schools last week (26-29 July) are as follows:

  • Diocesan Schools 96% employees accepting (7728 “YES” votes – 316 “NO” votes)
  • Religious Institute 93% employees accepting (2055 “YES” votes – 142 “NO” votes)

Payment of wage increases and back payment

Employing authorities have committed to make wage increases and process back payments following a successful ballot. The timing of those wage increases and back payments are a matter for individual employing authorities and Chapters may take this matter up with their employing authority.

Employing authorities have also committed to make back payment to persons who were employees as at 1 July 2015 but have since left the employing authority. Such employees should ensure their current address and banking details are provided to their former employer. It can be anticipated that these back payments will take some months.

Application for Approval to Fair Work Commission

The provisions of the Fair Work Act require that application for approval of the agreements be made within fourteen (14) days of the ballot. This application will be made by the employing authorities. Once the FWC approves the balloted agreements, each comes into legal force seven (7) days after the date of approval. The agreements would then remain in force until 30 June 2019.

Members and their Chapters will have a key role in the implementation of the agreements.

Classification review and negotiation

In addition to the enhanced working conditions for each employee category, the agreements also provide for a time-bound classification review and negotiation to include Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) and Lead Teacher (LT) positions as well as the consideration of the implications for other employment categories, such as middle and senior leaders, in light of the classroom teacher wage outcome.

That review and negotiation will commence shortly, supervised by the Fair Work Commission, and is to conclude by 5 September 2017 with implementation of any negotiated positions no later than 1 July 2018.

Electronic ballot issues

Our union remains concerned about the issues reported by members in regard to accessing the electronic ballot process and the impact on their ability to vote. We will be communicating this in writing to the employing authorities.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.