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Home > News > 2016 > August > Member secures $6000+ in under paid wages

Member secures $6000+ in under paid wages

1092033_91917450.jpgThe importance of seeking the assistance of our Industrial Services team has once more been highlighted after a teacher member recently secured over $6000 for underpayment of their wages.

The member, working in an independent secondary school, realised that they may not have been paid correctly when they did not receive a pay rise after the commencement of the replacement collective agreement.

Having contacted our Industrial Services team for advice, the member’s employer was contacted on their behalf outlining the details and length of the underpayment.

The employer was then requested to make the full back payment of wages to the member.

As a result of this direct assistance from our union’s Industrial Services team, the employer paid the member their full entitlements – in this case in excess of $6000.

Sadly such cases are not unique.

It is important for members to check their payslips regularly to make sure that they are being paid correctly. 

If members are unsure of what rate of pay they should be receiving for their relevant qualifications and experience they should contact our Industrial Services team for advice.

Any member who thinks that they have been underpaid, should always seek the advice and assistance of our Industrial Services team in the first instance to ensure that the employer is providing their correct and full entitlements. 

Members have up to six years from the date that a debt was incurred to make a claim to recover an underpayment of wages.

To contact our Industrial Service team click here.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.