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Home > News > 2016 > April > Queensland Catholic school employers’ true disregard for employees’ concerns exposed

Queensland Catholic school employers’ true disregard for employees’ concerns exposed

Decision to walk away from FWC process shameful
Employees remain committed to process


Queensland Catholic employing authorities have once again exposed their disregard for employees’ legitimate concerns with their decision today to withdraw from the Fair Work Commission (FWC) alternate bargaining process.

Despite their lame and contrived excuses, the employers’ shameful decision to effectively walk away from these discussions is due to their uncomfortableness with the FWC process and its ability to expose their negotiating strategy.

So desperate are the employers to avoid dealing with employees’ legitimate concerns, they will use whatever excuses they can contrive to deflect attention away from the fact the 22 Catholic education employing authorities will not come to the negotiating table or give their representatives the authority to properly negotiate on their behalf.

Employees remain committed to the FWC process as a viable option to assist in resolving these negotiations and Chapters will now consider further steps in the campaign in order for their legitimate concerns to be addressed.

Employers walk away from FWC process

In a communication issued to employees, the employers provide a meandering account of the FWC process as an attempt to try to disguise that they never wanted to be involved in a process where their fundamental failure to listen to employees’ legitimate concerns would be exposed.

From the beginning of the process the employers sought to impose conditions on what could and could not be discussed - specifically a proposal for a limited enhancement for ET5 with the condition that employees remove all other issues from the table.

Employee representatives meanwhile entered into the process with no conditions and the view that these discussions provided a real prospect of an outcome with employer representatives having real authority to negotiate – something that they have consistently failed to do at the SBU meetings.

Employees remain open to FWC process

Despite the contrived assertions in the latest employer correspondence, employees and their representatives remain open and committed to the FWC process and have indicated this in writing to the Commission today.

Chapters will meet to discuss the employers’ decision to walk away from a process which could have provided resolution to these negotiations.

Members will now consider the further steps needed in the campaign to ensure their legitimate concerns are addressed by those with the decision-making authority to do so.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.