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Catholic school members seek escalation of campaign with new protected action ballot

Catholic sector members are seeking to escalate their campaign with a new protected action ballot to consider additional protected actions as authorised members stop work for the seventh time later this week.

Labor promises critical school funding

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has committed to an extra $4.5 billion in funding to all schools in 2018 and 2019 as well as additional funding to support for students with special needs should it win the federal election this year.

International Women's Day 2016: Change Her Future

International Women’s Day is held annually on 8 March — a day that has long been observed as an opportunity for asserting equality for women’s social, political and working rights.

International Workers’ Memorial Day - 28 April

On 28 April, unions, workers and the wider global community will come together to remember all those who have been injured or killed at work.

Union support secures continuing position after 15 years on contract

With the assistance of our union, a School Officer member in the Queensland Catholic sector has finally secured continuing status after almost 15 years on successive fixed-term contracts.

State budget gets top marks for early childhood education investment

The State Government’s budget announcement of an additional $42 million to maintain universal access to kindergartens and ensure all Queensland children have access to early childhood education in the year before they start school has been welcomed by the union representing educators and support staff in the sector.

$101k Catholic classroom teacher salary sets benchmark for state

The achievement by members of a $101,000 salary for top automatic step classroom teacher in the Queensland Catholic sector has set a new benchmark for the remuneration of teachers across the sector and the state.

C&K members’ entitlements at risk

Crèche and Kindergarten Association (C&K) has refused to accept the recent wage outcomes for teachers in the Queensland state and Catholic school sectors as a benchmark for C&K teachers.

A postcard from Canada: From the coast to the Rocky Mountains

After 10 years of teaching, Lauren Barclay from Lutheran Ormeau Rivers District School on the Gold Coast recounts her unforgettable experience of taking the plunge to do a teacher exchange at Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary School in snowy British Columbia, Canada.

Literary Competition winners announced ahead of award ceremony

Some of the country's youngest and brightest literary talents have been unearthed following the announcement 2016 Literary Competition winners.

Members recognise significance of Domestic Violence Leave on White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon Day holds special significance to Independent Education Union Queensland and Northern Territory (IEUA-QNT) members as they acknowledge the inclusion of domestic violence leave in their collective agreements.

Supply teaching: a pathway to full-time employment

Help shape Queensland's syllabus

As the State Government continues with planned changes to Senior Assessment, QCAA is convening reference groups to draft syllabuses in nine subject areas. Nominate your interest to join a reference group and help shape Queensland's syllabus.

Sarina Russo members make significant wins in new agreement

ELICOS sector members at the Sarina Russo Institute in Queensland have secured enhanced working conditions and contemporary wages after the negotiation of a new collective agreement.

Unions rally to stop cuts to paid parental leave and penalty rates

Queensland unions remain focused on protecting current paid parental leave entitlements and weekend penalty rates in 2016.

Queensland senior assessment and tertiary entrance changes examined

IEUA-QNT Treasurer/Assistant Secretary and Senior Secondary Assessment Taskforce nominee Paul Giles reports on the incoming changes to senior assessment and tertiary entrance requirements in Queensland as well as the ongoing role of the Taskforce in making recommendations to the state government.

Federal government makes superannuation inequality even worse for women workers

Analysis of the changes to superannuation legislation announced by the Turnbull federal government has revealed it will create even greater inequity in retirement for women by discouraging their own contributions to the retirement savings.

Are you in Control? Job-Crafting Research Project

IEUA-QNT members have an opportunity to contribute to research that examines teachers’ experiences of job crafting by participating in a survey conducted by research staff from the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University.

Brisbane Grammar School leads sector on Domestic Violence Leave provisions

Having endorsed their new agreement in an employee ballot this week, members at Brisbane Grammar school will become the first in the Queensland non-government school sector to have access to 10 days paid domestic violence leave.

RAP acknowledges responsibility of supporting reconciliation

IEUA-QNT’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has been officially endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, acknowledging our ethical and professional responsibility to positively influence future generations by supporting the process of reconciliation within members’ school communities.

Regional members making critical donations for refugees and people seeking asylum

IEUA-QNT members across regional Queensland are helping to provide much needed education resources to refugees and people seeking asylum as part of a new member donation drive.

Literary talent unearthed in annual competition

Our union's annual Literary Competition has once again unearthed some of the country's youngest and brightest literary talents.

C&K backtracks following member campaign but remains determined to cut super

A member-led community campaign to protect the working conditions of employees in C&K Branch Centre kindergartens has seen the employer drop plans to cut redundancy provisions and direct staff to undertake additional duties during recess time.

Members forced to consider protected industrial action as C&K maintains attack on conditions

C&K members are being forced to give consideration to protected industrial action aimed at their employer to protect quality early childhood education.

Prep to be compulsory by 2017

Prep year will be compulsory for all Queensland children from 2017 the Queensland government has announced.

All students deserve digital literacy

What Advancing Education and #codingcounts means for the independent sector

Message Stick to start journey of reconciliation

In the lead up to the launch of our union’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) later this year, a traditional Indigenous form of communication will represent an important part of formally recognising Australia’s First Peoples.

UK plan to privatise schools condemned

Ongoing plans by the UK government to privatise schools and place its educators working rights at risk has been condemned by the IEUA.

Teachers for Refugees during Refugee Week: 19-25 June

The Teachers for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum (TRAPSA) group is encouraging teachers to share a positive message ahead of Refugee Week on 19-25 June.

Queensland unions supporting Toowoomba schools to promote cultural diversity

A new initiative, supported by our union and affiliates of the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU), is bringing together school students across the Toowoomba region in an effort to promote racial tolerance and harmony in their community.

Member secures $6000+ in under paid wages

The importance of seeking the assistance of our Industrial Services team has once more been highlighted after a teacher member recently securing over $6000 for underpayment of their wages.

Who's watching? Surveillance in schools

A recent case of a Queensland Catholic employer using CCTV surveillance in a disciplinary matter with a kindergarten staff member has been the spotlight on this serious workplace issue once again.

Member awarded for advancing women’s working rights

Donna Spillane from Marist College Ashgrove has received a prestigious award in recognition of her achievements as an advocate for women’s rights in the workplace, following the annual Emma Miller Awards.

Chapter action prevents redundancies for cleaning staff

The support and action of members from a Sunshine Coast Lutheran school has prevented a series of redundancies for its cleaning staff.

Awards to recognise schools promoting positive behaviour

The STAAR Awards are once again a key feature recognising outstanding achievement in prevention and management approaches to behaviour that causes harm.

Productivity Commission recommendations put Australian workers’ rights at risk

A raft of unfair changes to the working rights of Australians have been recommended by the federal government established Productivity Commission inquiry into the current industrial relations system.

What medical information should you disclose to prospective employers?

When being interviewed for a new role or position, it is crucial that members are aware of what they are legally obliged to provide to a prospective employer when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions and injuries.

Catholic employers have opportunity to resolve negotiations; further 'assisted discussion' scheduled by FWC

Employer and employee representatives have agreed to a Fair Work Commission (FWC) offer to reconvene the facilitated discussion on 28 April in a further attempt to resolve negotiations for a replacement collective agreement.

Message stick on the move as part of Reconciliation Week

After a tour across North Queensland, our Message Stick continues its important journey as we prepare to celebrate National Reconciliation Week on 30 May – 5 June.

C&K bargaining survey

The future employment conditions for all employees in C&K Kindergartens depend on members identifying those issues which are a matter of concern.

Lutheran employers fail to consult on school closure

Members and students at Stephens Lutheran College in Gladstone face uncertainty after the recent announcement by Lutheran employers that the school will close at the end of the year.

Three golden rules for teachers claiming work-related expenses

When claiming your work-related expenses at tax time, it's important to remember these three golden rules.

Close to $9000 in redundancy back payments secured for members

Seeking the assistance of our Industrial Services team has resulted in the significant back payment of underpaid severance pay to IEUA-QNT members from the boarding house sector.

Celebrating World Teachers' Day 2016

On Friday, 28 October 2016, IEUA-QNT members will join celebrations recognising the contribution of teachers on World Teachers’ Day. This year's theme is “Valuing teachers, Improving their status”.

White Ribbon Day - how schools make a difference

Friday, 25 November is White Ribbon Day—a day to campaign for the prevention of violence against women and girls and a chance to provide positive examples for the next generation.

Education Minister acknowledges the importance of resolving outstanding C&K employees' claims

IEUA-QNT members in C&K Branch Centres have today welcomed comments made by Queensland Education Minister Kate Jones outside a C&K Branch Centre she was visiting in her electorate of Ashgrove.


Personality tests for teachers miss the point

Proposed personality tests for student teachers in NSW would only serve to help reinforce low public perceptions of the profession according to the IEUA-QNT.

Poor progress for early childhood education in Closing the Gap report

Targets for improved early learning attendance and performance among Indigenous children are not being met, according to a recent report from the federal government.

Collective strength secures significant wins at Canterbury College

Members at Canterbury College are set for significant enhancements to their working conditions after endorsing their new collective agreement late last month.

Lutheran employer fails to address inequitable workloads and wages

As collective bargaining negotiations continue, Queensland Lutheran school employees have rejected their employer’s “insulting” 2.2% wage offer which would leave employees the lowest paid in the Australian Lutheran sector.

School officers recognised for #CAREERSTHATMATTER

The significant contribution of school officers and services staff to our school communities has been recognised on School Officer Day, as part of the inaugural International Education Support Staff Day, held on Wednesday, 8 June 2016.

Recent bullying case highlights prevalence in the workplace

A recent case involving the bullying of a long-serving teacher by their principal at a Melbourne Catholic school has yet again highlighted the ongoing prevalence of this insidious issue in the workplace.

Proposed agreements endorsed by Queensland Catholic School employees

The proposed collective bargaining agreements have been endorsed at ballot by Queensland Catholic sector employees in Diocesan and Religious Institute schools.

Fairness restored to QLD IR laws

The Queensland Government’s move to restore fairness to workers’ rights and representation has been commended by the workers across the state.

QLD Lutheran members secure enhanced wages and PPCT provisions

Experienced teachers’ salaries will receive a significant boost under a new collective agreement currently at ballot with Queensland Lutheran school employees.

Members give generously for TRAPSA

IEUA-QNT members continue to generously support the Teachers for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum (TRAPSA) donation drive.

Collective agreements must protect preparation and correcting time

The ever expanding roles and duties required of school staff have reached critical levels.

National spotlight on literacy in February

February's ‘Raise a Reader’ aims to spark a conversation that inspires parents and caregivers to encourage their children to read more, and highlights the benefits of reading and writing, supporting school programs and teachers.

Unions condemn attempt to reduce worker safety

A recent attempt by the state opposition to reintroduce laws which would undermine current workplace health and safety entitlements has been rejected by unions and state parliament alike.

Evocca College sackings condemned

The recent sacking of at least 200 Evocca College staff including IEUA-QNT members from across Australia has been condemned.

Labour Day celebrations bigger than ever: 125 years & #backinMay

Tens of thousands of unionists turned out for Labour Day / May Day celebrations as Queenslanders celebrated 125 years since the origins of Labour Day in Barcaldine and the return of the public holiday to its rightful place in May.

The education election: what you need to know

On July 2, the future of education in Australia will be decided when the country goes to the polls. We look at the differences between the parties, their policies and how they will affect those working in the non-government sector.

Teacher diagnosed with cancer after classroom asbestos exposure

Lawyers for a retired Queensland teacher recently diagnosed with cancer resulting from asbestos exposure in a classroom almost 40 years ago say the case is not an isolated one.

Employees left with bitter taste after brewery sackings

Carlton United Breweries (CUB) workers in Melbourne are continuing their campaign for justice after maintenance workers were terminated without notice and offered a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ non-union deal with a 65 per cent wage cut.

Equal Pay Day a reminder of the wage disparity suffered by Australian women

The annual Equal Pay Day event has highlighted the wage disparity suffered by working women and its impact on their retirement savings.

Queensland redeveloped senior subject syllabuses open for feedback

The first drafts of Stage 2 redeveloped Queensland senior subject syllabuses are available for feedback from Monday 24 October to 9 am on Friday 11 November 2016.

Passing of Registered Organisations Bill an attack on union movement

After more than two years of failed attempts, the Turnbull government—with the assistance of crossbench senators—has succeeded in passing the Registered Organisations Bill through the Senate.

School officers: Negotiating a medical return to work

Returning to work after a period of medical absence can be difficult, especially if the employer is not being reasonable about how a school officer’s return should occur.

Employers have no plan to address increasing workloads, inequitable wages in QLD Catholic schools

Ahead of the prospect of further employee industrial action, the employers have not only affirmed their hardline positions but made it very clear that they do not understand the challenges facing employees in their schools.

Union assistance secures permanent role for member

After seeking industrial assistance, an IEUA-QNT member who works as a teacher in the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) sector now finds themselves in a permanent role thanks to the support of our union.

Wage gap continues for working women

The ACTU’s recent Gender Pay Gap - Over the Life Cycle report has highlighted the extent of inequality still faced by women in the workforce revealing that Australian women are now earning less on average to men than they were 20 years ago.

‘Overwhelming’ workload flagged as key issue for C&K staff

Three quarters of Crèche and Kindergarten Association (C&K) staff are forced to work three or more hours of unpaid time every week, as they struggle to meet their increasing workload burdens.

Collective action results in significant outcomes for QLD Catholic school employees

The ongoing and concerted collective action by members over the past 15 months has meant we have been able to achieve negotiated outcomes which recognise, respect and reward the contribution of employees to quality education in Queensland Catholic schools.

Coalition reveals ruthless plan for right of entry laws

Recent statements by Federal Minister for Employment Michaelia Cash show that the government remains determined to reduce the working rights and conditions of Australians despite its silence during the election campaign.

C&K seeks to cut entitlements; rejects comparable teacher wages

With negotiations for a new collective agreement underway, the Crèche and Kindergarten Association (C&K) has not only continued to refuse to accept that early childhood education teachers should be recognised with wages comparable to other teachers but is also seeking to cut key superannuation and redundancy pay provisions.

Smoke and mirrors characterises school funding debate

Uncertainty remains for the sector with the federal government again leaving the last two years of Gonski school funding hanging.

Ruthlessness of VET sector revealed as ACTE restructures again

The volatile nature of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector has been put under the spotlight again this week as staff at major employer Australian College of Training and Employment (ACTE) face redundancies due to a major restructure.

Beginning educators challenged in early years of teaching

Beginning teachers often feel overwhelmed dealing with varied and complex issues associated with working in the education sector in their first years of teaching.

Members in Queensland Catholic schools overwhelmingly vote to escalate campaign

Queensland Catholic school employees have overwhelmingly voted to escalate their campaign by endorsing the latest protected action ballot.

Union and community campaign helps baby Asha stay

The united efforts of IEUA-QNT members in solidarity with other unions and the wider community has ensured a small victory for baby Asha – a 12-month-old girl who was receiving medical treatment in Australia for burns sustained in a Nauru detention centre.

Increasing number of Australians killed at work

The Federal Government remains determined to diminish worker safety across major Australian industries with the re-establish of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) despite more Australians being killed at work last year than in 2014.

Member receives maximum compensation after unfair dismissal

With the support of our union, a member has received the maximum compensation available for an unfair dismissal remedy following an Unfair Dismissal Application lodged with the Fair Work Commission.

Denial of flexible working arrangement request reversed after union assistance

With the help of our union’s Industrial Services Team, a member will soon return to work on a part-time basis following her maternity leave despite the initial request for such a flexible arrangement being denied by her principal.

C&K members to bargain for substance

Members say wages should remain comparable to those paid in schools, the allocation of release time should be retained, and that the workload of Directors required a reassessment of their hours.

Action taken over “for-profit” African schools

In the wake of recent controversy and wrongful arrest of an EI researcher, the Ugandan government has announced the closure of all Bridge International Academies (BIA) schools in the country.

Students venture ‘In the Garden’ for Art Design Awards

Students and teachers showcased their artistic flair in our union’s annual Excellence in Art Design Awards.

Members on maternity leave to lose thousands if PPL access cut

Thousands of IEUA-QNT members taking maternity leave would be $12,000 worse-off should the federal government’s determination to cut crucial Paid Parental Leave (PPL) entitlements be approved by the Senate.

Rally in support of Baby Asha

Our union has joined the campaign in support of Baby Asha. Asha, just 12 months old, is being treated for accidental burns she received while learning to walk in a detention centre on Nauru last week. Asha and her parents are at risk of being returned to detention.

New graduates a teaching milestone for Timor Leste

Timor Leste’s teaching profession has received a significant boost with the graduation of 46 new teachers from a college run by the Marist Brothers Province of Australia.

Queensland Catholic school employers’ true disregard for employees’ concerns exposed

Queensland Catholic employing authorities have once again exposed their disregard for employees’ legitimate concerns with their decision today to withdraw from the Fair Work Commission (FWC) alternate bargaining process.

Queensland Lutheran school employees would be lowest paid in the country under employer wage offer

Queensland Lutheran school employers have responded to members’ claim for comparable wages with their colleagues in South Australian Lutheran schools by making an inadequate wage offer of 2.2% per annum.

Salary for Queensland Catholic sector classroom teachers set to reach $100k+

Outcomes from the Fair Work Commission’s New Approaches process would see the top automatic step for teachers in Queensland Catholic schools exceed $100,000 for teachers who have spent two years at the Experienced 5 classification.

Proposed changes to Queensland workers’ compensation certificates

For any member who has been injured at work, they will know how bureaucratic the process of lodging a claim for workers’ compensation can prove to be.

Equal Pay Day 2016: Time to close the gender pay gap

8 September 2016 is Equal Pay Day. This day represents the number of extra days women have to work after the financial year in order to earn the same amount that men earn in twelve months.

Understanding duty of care

In an increasingly litigious society, it is essential all members are aware of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to duty of care - especially if employers direct school officers to undertake tasks that fall outside their position descriptions.

Longer lead in to QLD senior assessment changes welcomed

The Queensland government’s announcement that major reforms to senior assessment and tertiary entrance will now begin in 2019, a year later than planned, has been welcomed by members across the state.

What’s the problem with data walls?

The introduction of data display walls in schools is creating member concern about student privacy and teacher workload.

Thousands of Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff set for full day strike and rally next week

Over 8500 Catholic school union members across 242 school sites are authorised to stop work next Thursday 25 February with the majority set to take full day strike action as concerns regarding increasing workloads and inequitable wages remain unaddressed by their employers.

Members share a concern with parents to protect quality education in Queensland Catholic schools

Members – teachers, school officers and services staff – share a concern with parents to protect quality education in Queensland Catholic schools.

Catholic school employers agree to further FWC meeting but attempt to set “conditions”

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has been assisting the parties through an alternate bargaining process “New Approaches Program” but regrettably the current employer position has prevented this from occurring.

Turnbull government budget continues school funding uncertainty, threatens performance pay for teachers

The Turnbull government has announced an ‘additional’ $1.2 billion in school funding for the years 2018-2020 however the figure falls well short of the $4.5 billion in funding the current model had promised over those two years.

Coalition Federal Government signals performance pay for teachers ahead of election

The current Coalition federal government’s proposal to implement a vague and undefined plan for performance pay for teachers as a condition of additional school funding should it be re-elected on 2 July 2016 has been condemned by IEUA-QNT members.

Superannuation gap entrenches inequality for women workers

When women take time out of the paid workforce, change jobs or reduce their working hours for the sake of caregiving responsibilities, take home pay is the immediate price to pay. However, there’s a more insidious and hidden cost: superannuation and retirement savings.

New report urges extension of Universal Access to three year olds

A new report argues Australian children’s learning outcomes would be improved by earlier, universal access to education.

Uncertainty for members as use of rolling fixed-term contracts continues

The use of rolling fixed-term contracts is leading to increased professional and personal insecurity for members across the sector.

An open letter to the Queensland community

Read our open letter to the Queensland community regarding strike action in Queensland Catholic schools, which was published in the Sunday-Mail on 21 February.

Employers have no plan to resolve negotiations - community campaign underway

Queensland Catholic employers made it clear they have no plan to resolve these negotiations following a further SBU meeting.

Rating website leaves teachers vulnerable to cyber bullying

A website that allows students to anonymously ‘rate’ and ‘comment’ on the performance of their teachers has left staff open to cruel and potentially defamatory critique.

Misuse of fixed-term contract results in massive fine for Victorian school

A Victorian school has been fined more than $150,000 by the Federal Court after it was found to have illegally employed 13 teachers on fixed-term contracts and then tampered with evidence to avoid prosecution.

Government failing early childhood education sector, report finds

Government failure to adequately invest in the early years of learning has seen early childhood become the most “at risk” component of the Australian education system, according to a new report.

What now for Australian education?

With the Coalition returning to Parliament after July’s federal election, what is in store for education and what will it mean for IEUA-QNT members?

Let’s help to end Indigenous disadvantage - Close the Gap Day 2016

IEUA-QNT Chapters are encouraged to hold a morning tea to acknowledge the day, consider the many complex issues involved and how we, as educators of this generation, can contribute to better outcomes.

Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff resolve to continue community campaign as thousands attend mass meetings across the state

Over 8,500 Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff from 242 school sites were authorised to take strike action today, with thousands taking part in mass member rallies across the state as they continue their campaign to protect quality education in their schools.

FWC convenes 9 days of negotiation between employee and employer representatives

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has scheduled nine days of facilitated negotiations following discussions in the FWC between employer and employee representatives.

The rise of ‘edu-business’: what it means for the education profession

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Paul Giles discusses the global threat of ‘edu-business’ infiltrating the Australian school system with multi-national companies, such as Pearson, contributing to the increased commercialisation of schools and resources.

Accessing flexible work arrangements after parental leave

Women returning to work from parental leave have the right to request flexible work arrangements. However, discrimination in the workplace continues with such requests unreasonably refused by some employers due to a loophole in the legislation.

Employees share a concern with parents for quality Catholic education

Catholic employing authorities are failing to protect quality Catholic education while they continue to deny employees the time to do their job well, deny teachers professional rates of pay in line with their interstate colleagues, and deny community standards of annual leave to term time school officers in recognition of their contribution to quality Catholic education.

Workshops to help teachers implement syllabuses for Prep to Year 12

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) provides workshops to help teachers implement syllabuses for the Preparatory Year through to Year 12. Workshop activities are designed to explain the syllabuses and provide expert advice and guidance about planning and assessing.

Members chalk up 25 years

Every year in May our union takes the opportunity to recognise a significant part of our membership: those who have been members for 25 years.

For-profit provider’s “wanted” ad leads to arrest of EI researcher in Uganda

In a shocking case involving an overseas for-profit education provider, a Canadian researcher working for Education International (EI) was arrested in Uganda but later released following placement of a “wanted ad” by the provider as a result of his research.

Project to provide pre-service teacher supervision consistency

Supervising pre-service teachers can place additional administrative and workload responsibilities on teachers, making them reluctant to take on a mentoring role.

C&K puts teachers’ professional standing at risk

C&K continued its attack on the working conditions of its employees at the latest collective bargaining meeting.

Core Australian Curriculum consultation forums

School and curriculum leaders are invited to participate in consultation forums on a core P–10 Australian Curriculum.

Women's Conference outcomes to form foundation for change

On Saturday 12 March, more than 100 women members gathered at our ‘We Can Do It’ Women’s Conference to contribute to an important conversation: that of the challenges facing women in Australian workplaces.

Queensland Catholic schools seeking graduate teachers in 2017

Applications are open for graduating teachers to fill positions in 2017 across a range of Queensland Catholic schools.

Does money drive or drain you? Participate in performance pay research

Does money drive you or drain you? A research project is exploring how employees are affected by financial incentives in the workplace.

Catholic employers organise backpayment as agreements are sent to FWC for approval

The FWC approval process does not impact the employing authorities’ undertaking to make wage increases and back payments following a successful ballot.

Members maintain campaign to support quality education

Chapters in Queensland Catholic schools have now met across the state taking further action to support high quality Catholic education.

Murgon students keeping active in the country

IEUA-QNT member, Claire Dennis, of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Murgon is coordinating a Health and Physical Education (HPE) program aimed at encouraging Indigenous children to participate in active sport and community programs with flow-on educational benefits.

Catholic Schools agreements Approved by FWC

Approval of the agreements means the implementation of the provisions of the new agreements can occur.

How much release time are you entitled to as a graduate?

During your first year of teaching you may not know what you are entitled to when it comes to release time. Regardless of the sector you work in, you should be aware of your ability to access support and additional release time as part of your role and professional development.

Nominations open for Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) Excellence in Teaching Awards recognise and promote teachers and school leaders who are doing outstanding work.

Closing the gender pay gap starts with your super

Superannuation fund Equipsuper recently announced it would pay superannuation guarantee contributions to its employees’ super accounts during paid and unpaid parental leave.

Applications Called for Organiser - NT Division

The Organiser position for the Northern Territory Division of our Union is now vacant due to the relocation of our current Organiser, Jacques Retief to the Bayside Branch of the QLD Division. NT Chapters are invited to share the application details within their networks.

Why teachers are leaving the profession they love

After two longstanding teachers decided to go public on resigning from a profession they loved, their stories struck a chord with thousands around the world after they highlighted the immense pressures of a data heavy and increasingly standardised education system.

Catholic school staff call for donation of lost pay to Fiji cyclone relief

Teachers and school support staff across Mackay are calling on their employers to donate withheld wages, from recent stop work action, to ongoing relief work by Caritas in Fiji in the wake of Cyclone Winston.

Too cool for school? Why homeschooling numbers are increasing in Australia

Former IEUA-QNT member, teacher and researcher at the Queensland University of Technology, Dr Rebecca English discusses the increase in parents choosing homeschooling for their children and what this means for the education profession.

Free workshop: Successful Prep for Children with Autism

Thursday 31 March, 2016 | 9.00am-12.00pm Autism Hub and Reading Centre | 141 Merton Road, Woolloongabba. This introductory level workshop aims to provide early career Prep teachers with information and advice on making their classrooms inclusive for all students, including those with autism. Simple environmental and instructional adjustments in the Prep classroom can make a positive difference in the way students’ engage with the curriculum, demonstrate their learning and interact with peers.

Encouraging resilience and sustainability in Ugandan communities

IEUA-QNT member Linda Brady of St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School north of Brisbane has been travelling to Uganda for more than a decade helping to provide resources and improve conditions in disadvantaged communities.

Time to wake up: sleep and its effect on learning

A complexity for early education teachers in meeting these needs is that across early childhood, between zero to five years, sleep patterns are in transition.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.